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Expat Experiences

Expat Experiences > United States (USA)

United States (USA)

Catarina Araújo, Philadelphia

Posted by: Scar on Wednesday April 26, 2017 (10:36:06)   (35 Reads)
Catarina Araújo
Who are you?

My name is Catarina and I'm a thirty-something Portuguese blogger & marketing freelancer.   more ...

Expat Experiences > International


Julie Callahan, Global Nomad

Posted by: Scar on Monday April 24, 2017 (08:55:18)   (73 Reads)
Julie Callahan
Who are you?

I am Julie Callahan, 59 years old and a retired IBMer who has sold everything and now lives nomadically.   more ...

Expat Experiences > Vietnam


Lyra Dacio, Ho Chi Minh City

Posted by: Scar on Monday April 24, 2017 (08:45:30)   (150 Reads)
Lyra and her family
Who are you?

I’m Lyra, a Filipina living in Ho Chi Minh City with my husband and 2 boys.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

My family moved to Ho Chi Minh City (from the Philippines) in 2009 when my husband found work here.   more ...

Expat Experiences > United States (USA)

United States (USA)

Mani, Austin

Posted by: Scar on Friday April 21, 2017 (09:08:06)   (129 Reads)
Who are you?

Mani. Born and raised in Mexico City. Late 20s. Traveled to 20 countries and lived in four different ones. Currently living in the US. Married to her soulmate. Passionate about travel and the arts. Travel, lifestyle, and food blogger.   more ...

Expat Experiences > Poland


Leah Morawiec, Gliwice

Posted by: Scar on Thursday April 20, 2017 (08:16:04)   (153 Reads)
Leah Morawiec
Who are you?

My name’s Leah and I’m an American from Orlando, Florida living in Poland for the past 6 years.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

I moved abroad after doing a 2-month volunteer program in Poland where I met a guy I liked. I decided to move to Poland to be with him and see what would happen. We were together for a few years and then I met my husband and that’s when I decided to live in Poland permanently.   more ...

Expat Experiences > Poland


Matt Sutton, Krakow

Posted by: Scar on Friday April 14, 2017 (07:50:05)   (241 Reads)
Matt Sutton
Who are you?

My name is Matt Sutton, I'm 36 years old and originally from Surrey, UK.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

I came to Krakow, Poland in January 2011 just after my 30th birthday as I was working for a large online travel company who were moving their operations to Poland.   more ...

Expat Experiences > Thailand


Jim Mielke, Near Phuket

Posted by: Scar on Tuesday April 11, 2017 (06:31:10)   (644 Reads)
Jim Mielke
Who are you?

Originally from upstate New York, I’ve spent most of my adult life overseas, where at times I receive that gratifying comment: “Gee, you don’t seem like a typical American” – despite being permanently branded with the distinctive flat, nasally Buffalo accent, even when speaking Thai and Vietnamese.   more ...

Expat Experiences > Germany


Marcos Cherem, Frankfurt

Posted by: Scar on Tuesday March 28, 2017 (09:04:59)   (535 Reads)
Marcos Cherem
Who are you?

My name is Marcos Cherem, I’m a Mexican-Spanish citizen born and raised in Mexico. I am a family man with a wife and a kid, and an IT expert who enjoys travel and living in different places. I embrace multiculturalism and I’m raising my child as such, as a citizen of the world.   more ...

Expat Experiences > Denmark


Grace Cook, Aarhus

Posted by: Scar on Wednesday March 22, 2017 (10:39:14)   (347 Reads)
Grace Cook
Who are you?

My name is Grace, I am 21 years old and from Hertfordshire in the UK.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

I moved to Aarhus, Denmark in August 2016. I moved here after graduating with a Sociology degree from the University of Nottingham in July 2016. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after uni so I decided to try something completely new and move here! I am studying for a marketing qualification and work for a Danish fashion start-up.   more ...

Expat Experiences > Bahamas


Mariah Moyle, Nassau

Posted by: Scar on Tuesday March 14, 2017 (16:18:28)   (635 Reads)
Mariah Moyle
Who are you?

Mariah Moyle, originally from the Pacific Northwest, but am now an island girl in the beautiful Bahamas. I grew up with a mix of spending my winters in the mountains ski racing, ski instructing and ski bumming, and summers at our beach house on an island in the Puget Sound, hiking, kayaking, salmon fishing and crabbing. Since moving to warmer climates I have replaced my northern adventure lifestyle with kiteboarding, paddlesurfing, diving and sportfishing. When I'm not in or on the water, I find solace in my yoga practice. My family consists of my Australian/Bahamian husband and our three island rescue dogs.   more ...