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Singapore > Articles


Expat Life in Singapore - The Basics

Posted on Tuesday January 08, 2013 (22:54:06)
by Alexandra Sheehan

So you’re moving to Singapore, a mysterious little treasure found at the foot of Malaysia in between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. This tiny country isn’t really famous for much, and it is not often that we hear about it in the news. It is extremely unique, a mixture of Asian, European and Indian. Tradition meets modernity. This constantly bustling city is a tourist hub of attractions and full of a huge and dynamic expat community. Moving to this mysterious little gem requires a bit of preparation so that you can be one of the thousands who transition smoothly into expat life in Singapore. Here are the basic things you should know...   more ...

Spain > Articles


One Stop Shopping In Barcelona

Posted on Thursday January 03, 2013 (19:43:15)
l'illa, Barcelona
by Patty Sanchez

By now most expat families have settled into a new apartment and neighborhood in Barcelona after arriving in September to begin new jobs. I recently met a mother who moved from Illinois to Barcelona and wanted to find a store where she could find it all: groceries, domestic appliances, clothing, etc. Obviously, she wanted to save time by shopping at one location rather than running from one shop to another to cover basic needs.

“Is there a store similar to Target where I can find it all?” she asked.

My initial response was “Yes,” there is a store similar to Target that has many departments to accommodate consumer needs all in one stop, albeit somewhat pricey.   more ...

Singapore > Articles


Basic Healthcare in Singapore - A Guide for Expats

Posted on Monday December 31, 2012 (19:35:59)
Healthcare standards in Singapore are high and all practising medical professionals are required by law to be registered with the government. Expatriates may find some differences in Singapore’s approach to medical treatment as compared to their home countries, but access to healthcare for anyone is generally good in Singapore.

As a working expatriate, bear in mind that many companies have a practice of recognising “sick leave” only when the person is declared sick by a doctor. When you are ill, it is most likely you will visit a private health clinic – there are some 2,000 privately-run medical clinics located throughout Singapore. Most privately-run clinics operate during office hours but there are a number of 24-hour clinics that you can go to for medical treatment after office hours (for non-emergencies).   more ...

Singapore > Articles


Medical Tourism in Singapore

Posted on Wednesday December 19, 2012 (13:42:10)
In this age of globalization, the dissolving of barriers which previously impeded travel among countries has led to unprecedented movement of people across borders, seeking a better life for themselves or their families. Many citizens are plagued by inadequate healthcare programmes and experience difficulty in getting specialized treatment for their healthcare needs at a reasonable price. Hence, they turn to medical tourism for procedures they require to undergo in order to enjoy a better quality of life in the future.

Recognizing these phenomena, many medical tourism companies have been established to enable international patients to access quality healthcare in Singapore.   more ...

Canada > Articles


Are You Thinking Of Moving To Canada?

Posted on Saturday December 08, 2012 (00:37:14)
by John Rooney on behalf of Autoshippers

Providing a fascinating mix of strong national identity with stunning natural beauty, it is no surprise that every year thousands of Brits make the decision to up sticks and move to Canada. Nearly 10,000 UK residents were admitted to the country in 2010, complimenting an already broad range of ethnic diversity made up of 34 ethnic groups with at least 100,000 members in each.

However, if you're considering becoming one of the many migrants who choose Canada as their new home you will need to consider numerous factors before you begin the process of starting your new life.   more ...

Thailand > Articles


Assumptions Of An Expat Woman In Thailand

Posted on Thursday October 11, 2012 (00:43:11)
Samantha Pryor
by Samantha Pryor

After seeing my partner off in a taxi to Suvarnabhumi Airport, I was ‘lucky’ enough to get the next taxi to take me to work. It seemed to be very humid already, we hadn’t seen any rain the day before and I was feeling it. I was also struggling to walk after the previous day’s gym workout…

After giving my directions and settling in, I say to the Taxi driver “Ron maak!” (Hot, very! In my best Thai!) to which he replies “Yes, but that is because you do not work very hard or exercise” (In his best English!)

My limited Thai gets me through many situations, but I had no idea how to respond to this! I politely smile in my British way, whilst seething inwardly! How dare he! What does he know! I can hardly walk after my exercise yesterday (ok, this was my first attempt at serious exercise for a long time, but nevertheless, I exercise…) AND I was on my way to work!!   more ...

Italy > Articles


Discovering The Food Of Southern Italy

Posted on Thursday September 27, 2012 (12:52:06)
by Amy Lucinda

An article on Italian food. Where on earth do I start?! The country that's famous for passion, fashion and food. And probably fashionable food made with passion.

Now, I could just write a list of adjectives to describe Italian food, which basically all mean ‘amazing’. But as effective as that may be at getting the message across, it's not all that interesting.

So, I have decided to simply write about the experiences that I have had with Italian food, here in sunny Puglia.

Before I came to Italy, I had visions of amazing home cooked pasta dishes; tasty fresh pizza and incredible gelato (see how the adjectives come in?). Well, I wasn't at all disappointed with what I discovered, because it was pretty much exactly as I'd imagined. No, better. Because I discovered a whole load of other wonderful culinary creations along the way.   more ...

United Kingdom > Articles

United Kingdom

The French Who Move To Britain

Posted on Tuesday September 18, 2012 (18:03:41)
Catherine Broughton
Over 400 000 French people live in London alone. Just as the British flocked to France to find peace and tranquillity and a slower pace of life, so the French, for the large part young professionals, flock to the UK to find opportunities, career openings and freedom from French bureaucracy. In Britain they may change career and direction with no trouble and have a vastly larger client-base, whatever their line of work.

There are two very important advantages for the French in Britain if they want to work.

These two advantages are based on two essential, and crucial, cultural differences.

One, as we saw in my blog yesterday, the British mentality is that we CAN unless there is a law to say that we cannot; the continental mentality is that they CANNOT unless there is a law to say that they CAN.   more ...

Spain > Articles


Grocery Shopping In Barcelona

Posted on Tuesday September 18, 2012 (00:48:41)
The shopping trolley - the best expat investment ever
by Patty Sanchez

If you just arrived to Spain and decide it is time to go grocery shopping, hold that thought! Do not be a new inexperienced expat and think you can walk home carrying three bags of groceries loaded with fruit, meats, dairy products and a five liter bottle of water. After five minutes of walking towards your new apartment two or three blocks away, you will stop to continuously shift the weight of the plastic bags to keep them from digging into the crooks of your fingers. You will instantly lament those past days of yonder when you once drove to the supermarket and leisurely loaded groceries onto the trunk of your car.

The solution to this problem is to purchase as soon as possible a shopping trolley/cart. You can load the shopping trolley/cart with bottled water, milk tetra bricks, one kilo of apples, or any other heavy food item that once crunched your spinal discs. You will walk out the store in relief that the trolley was the best expat investment ever.   more ...

France > Articles


The British Who Move To France

Posted on Saturday September 15, 2012 (12:08:55)
Catherine Broughton
The huge surge of British families pulling up roots and moving lock stock and barrel to France, has largely petered out. During the 1980s thousands of families re-located to France, mostly because property was so cheap - sometimes incredibly cheap - and the bargains seemed too good to miss. By the 1990s numbers started to dwindle, though there were still a great many . Now it has all but stopped.

The British who moved to France had some things in common and made the same mistakes:-

- property was very cheap, an entire little smallholding for the price of a garage in the UK (though of course that depended on which part of France. In the centre of the country I once sold a little farmhouse with ten acres of land for about £4000) But there was a good reason why it was so cheap: nobody wanted to live there!   more ...