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Articles > Spain


One Stop Shopping In Barcelona

Posted on Thursday January 03, 2013 (14:43:15)
l'illa, Barcelona
by Patty Sanchez

By now most expat families have settled into a new apartment and neighborhood in Barcelona after arriving in September to begin new jobs. I recently met a mother who moved from Illinois to Barcelona and wanted to find a store where she could find it all: groceries, domestic appliances, clothing, etc. Obviously, she wanted to save time by shopping at one location rather than running from one shop to another to cover basic needs.

“Is there a store similar to Target where I can find it all?” she asked.

My initial response was “Yes,” there is a store similar to Target that has many departments to accommodate consumer needs all in one stop, albeit somewhat pricey.   more ...

Articles > Singapore


Basic Healthcare in Singapore - A Guide for Expats

Posted on Monday December 31, 2012 (14:35:59)
Healthcare standards in Singapore are high and all practising medical professionals are required by law to be registered with the government. Expatriates may find some differences in Singapore’s approach to medical treatment as compared to their home countries, but access to healthcare for anyone is generally good in Singapore.

As a working expatriate, bear in mind that many companies have a practice of recognising “sick leave” only when the person is declared sick by a doctor. When you are ill, it is most likely you will visit a private health clinic – there are some 2,000 privately-run medical clinics located throughout Singapore. Most privately-run clinics operate during office hours but there are a number of 24-hour clinics that you can go to for medical treatment after office hours (for non-emergencies).   more ...

Articles > Singapore


Medical Tourism in Singapore

Posted on Wednesday December 19, 2012 (08:42:10)
In this age of globalization, the dissolving of barriers which previously impeded travel among countries has led to unprecedented movement of people across borders, seeking a better life for themselves or their families. Many citizens are plagued by inadequate healthcare programmes and experience difficulty in getting specialized treatment for their healthcare needs at a reasonable price. Hence, they turn to medical tourism for procedures they require to undergo in order to enjoy a better quality of life in the future.

Recognizing these phenomena, many medical tourism companies have been established to enable international patients to access quality healthcare in Singapore.   more ...

Articles > Employment


A Portable Career, Teaching English Abroad

Posted on Wednesday December 12, 2012 (10:05:09)
Angela Williams
by Angela Williams

It was with a mixture of anxiety and excitement that I started my first day on the CELTA course at the British Language Training Centre in Amsterdam. CELTA, which stands for Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults, is one of the foremost initial qualifications for English Language teachers. I am not a particularly gregarious person, in fact I’m quite shy so I was horrified when I heard that we would actually start teaching on the first day of the course!

Fortunately, the group of guinea-pig students was very small and they were an easygoing bunch. After my heart had stopped beating at the rate of a galloping racehorse’s, I discovered I had an ability to build rapport with students, and that teaching can be enjoyable! Whether they learned much from me on the first day is debatable but at least the ice was broken.   more ...

Articles > Canada


Are You Thinking Of Moving To Canada?

Posted on Friday December 07, 2012 (19:37:14)
by John Rooney on behalf of Autoshippers

Providing a fascinating mix of strong national identity with stunning natural beauty, it is no surprise that every year thousands of Brits make the decision to up sticks and move to Canada. Nearly 10,000 UK residents were admitted to the country in 2010, complimenting an already broad range of ethnic diversity made up of 34 ethnic groups with at least 100,000 members in each.

However, if you're considering becoming one of the many migrants who choose Canada as their new home you will need to consider numerous factors before you begin the process of starting your new life.   more ...

Articles > Financial


Fiscal Cliff and FATCA – What Do They Mean For US Expat Investors?

Posted on Monday December 03, 2012 (17:12:20)
Tom Zachystal
To contact Tom for a free, no-obligation discussion of your financial situation please use our US expat investment enquiry form.

I have just returned from the town of Ajijic, a half hour out of Guadalajara, Mexico and home to about 10,000, mostly retired, Americans (as well as a large number of Canadians and even the odd Brit). During my week there, my colleague Marian Wellman and I put on a seminar on the topics of the coming US fiscal cliff, FATCA regulations, and the current investment climate. Much to my surprise, given the dry nature of anything concerning taxes, the seminar was heavily attended and standing room only; with most of the interest directed towards the first two topics – so I thought Expat Focus readers might also be interested in our overview.   more ...

Articles > General


An Expat's View Of Kiev

Posted on Wednesday November 21, 2012 (10:29:10)
Petryk Vera
by Petryk Vera

It is truly magical how Kiev combines everything together.
Having 1500 years of history, the city is a beautiful architectural place, at the same time, Ukrainian capital is a fast developing mega polis that surprises its visitors with bright nightlife and wild entertainment.

Unfortunately, Kyiv is a slightly new spot on a tourist map so if it's your first visit to the city you might need some basic information about it:

1. It is the oldest capital in Eastern Europe, which used to be a capital of Kievan Rus (Russian Empire)

2. Most people in the city speak Russian and Ukrainian. English is also a popular language; it is spoken as a third language by a minority of the citizens.   more ...

Articles > Legal


Legal Hurdles To Emigration, What Is Holding You Back?

Posted on Tuesday November 13, 2012 (19:18:04)
Nick Branch
The numbers may be falling, slightly, but hundreds of thousands of UK citizens decide to emigrate abroad each year, driven by the promise of better employment opportunities or lifestyles overseas.

With the UK economy stuttering and a number of emerging economies booming the attraction to move abroad is probably as strong as it has ever been. However emigration remains a big decision and many agonise over the pro’s and con’s for months and years before making the big decision.

Visa headaches

As well as the vital choice of destination, the complexity of the visa system in a potential country is a major consideration for anyone looking to emigrate. Most countries offer a range of visas to foreigners to allow them to live and work in the country for a period of time.   more ...

Articles > Employment


Top Tips For Finding A Job Abroad

Posted on Wednesday November 07, 2012 (13:43:32)
Courtesy of Britannia Movers International

Unless you are moving abroad to retire or study, the success of your international move can depend on your ability to secure a suitable job, in order to maintain your financial stability and to be able to fulfil your career goals. Landing a job after moving abroad will generally be more difficult than securing a job in your home country and you’ll be expected to research and understand linguistic and cultural differences and the job market in your destination country.

1. Do research on the job market abroad
Once you already know destination country, it’s time to start doing research on the job market abroad. Find out about the jobs that the country might have a shortage of potential employees for, find out if your qualifications make you eligible for potential jobs, and look around for jobs in your employment sector.   more ...

Articles > General


Top Tips and Checklists for Moving Abroad

Posted on Wednesday October 31, 2012 (13:11:11)
International moves require a lot of preparation and planning so using a checklist can be a good way to keep everyone involved up to date with what has been done and what hasn't. It can also help keep you sane when all around seems like pandemonium!

Begin your planning early

Moving home isn’t something you do often. Preparing and planning well can help ensure that things go smoothly and your move is as stress-free as possible. Try to start planning early to avoid any unexpected problems.

Packing considerations

Label your boxes for easy identification and sorting at the other end. Highlight items that are fragile to ensure that they are extra carefully handled. Check flammable and dangerous goods as some items can not be transported by removal companies.   more ...