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Netherlands > Articles


How to Enjoy Your First Expat Christmas in Amsterdam

Posted on Friday December 08, 2017 (10:40:35)

For expats who celebrate Christmas, being far away from friends and family can make the festivities feel somewhat muted, so it’s a good idea to create your own traditions in your new home. Here are ten ways to make the season special during your time in Amsterdam.

Decorate A Christmas Tree

What better way to create a homely, holiday feel in your new country than to put a cheerfully-decorated Christmas tree in the window? Vendors can be spotted by the road-side at this time of year and garden centres such as Intratuin in the Watergraafsmeer district and Tuincentrum Ottenhof in Nieuw-West also stock specimens.   more ...

Ireland > Articles


Dublin: What To Know Before You Arrive

Posted on Thursday November 30, 2017 (18:00:02)

The largest city in Ireland, Dublin is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for both tourists and expats. Life in Dublin is high-spirited, fulfilling, and modern. However, life in the city can get a bit confusing if you are not used to the Irish way of life! As the capital of Ireland, Dublin has a rich heritage, and at the same time is a contemporary, fashionable location.   more ...

Luxembourg > Articles


A Guide To Renting An Apartment In Luxembourg

Posted on Thursday November 30, 2017 (17:47:57)

Expats make up almost 47 percent of Luxembourg’s population, and the country has over 170 different nationalities living within its territory. The concentration of expats in the Grand Duchy is higher than any other European country. Conveniently nestled in the heart of Western Europe, Luxembourg makes it easy to travel to the cities located around it, such as Paris and Brussels.   more ...

Egypt > Articles


A Guide To Expat Healthcare In Egypt

Posted on Thursday November 30, 2017 (17:29:47)

Egypt doesn’t always appear in lists of the most popular destinations among expats. This is largely because of the prevalent economic and political instability there, especially since the dawn of the Arab Spring in 2011, which resulted in many migrants fleeing the country. Although Egypt has regained some stability in recent years, there continue to exist concerns about poverty, unemployment, rising cost of living and strained relations between the various religious communities of the country. In spite of all this, there are still plenty of expats who have made Egypt their home and continue to live there successfully.   more ...

United Kingdom > Articles

United Kingdom

Language Exchange Meetups In London: A Guide For Expats

Posted on Thursday November 30, 2017 (14:23:58)

Are you an expat living in London looking to practice your language skills? The main issues people experience when learning a new language are usually to do with confidence, and not being able to get enough real life practice. It’s all well and good using a fancy app with voice recognition software to correct your pronunciation, but it’s much better to practice speaking with other people.   more ...

France > Articles


Challenges Expats Face In France And How To Address Them

Posted on Thursday November 30, 2017 (14:15:56)

There are probably very few people who have taken the leap to move to a new country that could tell you it was all smooth sailing from start to finish. No matter how well prepared you are, you are bound to face a few challenges or obstacles at some point during your life as an expat. That should by no means put you off the thought of moving, as the enriching experience of living in a new place and meeting new people will outweigh the hiccups and pitfalls you may encounter.   more ...

Singapore > Articles


A Guide To Hiring Home Help In Singapore

Posted on Thursday November 30, 2017 (14:00:10)

Many people these days are so busy juggling work, social commitments and family life that keeping a home spick and span or having time to do the grocery shopping isn’t always possible. If you’re an expat in Singapore contemplating hiring some home help, then this is the guide for you! This article outlines the various options for home help, expected costs, tips on the hiring and interview process, your responsibilities as an employer and everything else that you could possibly need to know about getting a domestic worker.

What Is Home Help?

Home help consists of employing a domestic worker to help with a range of tasks and household chores such as cleaning, ironing, shopping, cooking and childcare.   more ...

Netherlands > Articles


Interview With Dennis Cowles, Chairman, Amsterdam American Business Club

Posted on Wednesday November 29, 2017 (10:03:49)
Dennis Cowles
Dennis, how did you first become an expat?

Having finished Boston University School of Management, I decided with a cycling friend to take a tour of Europe by bicycle for the summer of 1980. My friend cancelled at the last minute after months of planning, so I decided to go it alone. This summer trip turned into nearly a year and a half tour that included many Western European countries, Morocco and the UK.   more ...

China > Articles


How To Open A Bank Account In China

Posted on Friday November 24, 2017 (11:35:30)

China is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia and the world. The Chinese currency is known as the renminbi, and is one of the most competitive currencies in the Forex market. Renminbi (meaning 'money for the people') is the most commonly used term locally, although yuan is another word for money.   more ...

Chile > Articles


An Expat Guide To The Climate Of Chile

Posted on Friday November 24, 2017 (11:30:37)

The climate and weather in Chile varies depending on which part of the country you are in. Chile’s latitudinal positioning affects its climate patterns, making some areas arid while others enjoy Mediterranean weather. The best time to visit is during the summer, when temperatures are mild.

Chile experiences four different climate patterns by region. The northern area, around the coastline, experiences desert climate, while the inland is semi-arid. The central region of Chile has a Mediterranean climate, while the highlands around the Andes, remain cold throughout the year.   more ...