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United Arab Emirates > Articles

United Arab Emirates

An Expat Guide To Universities In The UAE

Posted on Tuesday August 08, 2017 (15:25:33)
There are several benefits to studying in the UAE. There’s the ever-present sunny weather, the sea and sand, and the chance to earn a tax-free income upon graduation. More importantly, there are 116 higher learning institutions, which include three public institutes and 30 international branches of universities from across the world. Most international universities are located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but other emirates, such as Sharjah, have universities of high repute.   more ...

Australia > Articles


An Expat Guide to the Cost of Living in Australia

Posted on Monday August 07, 2017 (14:50:59)
Thinking about moving to Australia? There’s a lot to recommend it! With stunning landscapes, friendly people and so much to see and do, Oz certainly has a lot to offer.

In general, those in professional sectors can enjoy a higher wage than in many other metropolitan cities globally – however it’s essential to consider the cost of living before you make the big leap, so you can figure out what’s right for you.   more ...

Philippines > Articles


An Expat Guide To Healthcare In The Philippines

Posted on Wednesday August 02, 2017 (15:09:37)
Medical tourism is gaining prominence with people from around the world. Many people, especially those from the US, UK, Canada and Australia, travel to certain Asian and European countries to undergo long-term treatment or take advantage of an inclusive system with lower rates. Here, patients can spend a mere fraction for their treatments than what they would back home.   more ...

Kuwait > Articles


An Expat Guide To Kuwaiti Cuisine

Posted on Tuesday August 01, 2017 (14:23:32)
Kuwait is a country situated at the tip of the Persian Gulf. Located at the northern edge of Eastern Arabia, this country shares its borders with Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Only five countries have more oil reserves than Kuwait. This is responsible for Kuwait’s strong economy and why the Kuwait Dinar holds the highest value among other global currencies. The World Bank has stated that the country has the fourth highest per capita income as well. It is also one of the most progressive and liberal countries in the Arabian region. These factors make Kuwait seem like a very lucrative option for expats.   more ...

Kuwait > Articles


An Expat Guide To The Cost Of Living In Kuwait

Posted on Monday July 31, 2017 (13:10:58)
Expats who move to Kuwait to enjoy the excellent work and living opportunities will be moving to a country that also has the world's most expensive currency. This means that it is a highly sought-after destination for many expats who can earn more, because the Kuwaiti Dinar is pegged to the US dollar. However, it's not necessarily a cheap country to live in; for Europeans in particular, the cost of living is similar to their home countries.   more ...

Bahrain > Articles


How To Live In Bahrain After You've Retired

Posted on Monday July 31, 2017 (12:48:37)
The mystical Middle East has been an expat magnet for decades, thanks to the earning potential it presents to people from all across the globe. When taking up career opportunities in this region, skilled professionals can demand impressive reimbursement packages and live a life of luxury as they work towards an early retirement fund.   more ...

Bahrain > Articles


An Expat Guide To The Local Cuisine In Bahrain

Posted on Friday July 28, 2017 (15:26:59)
With a huge expat population, it’s easy to find a restaurant to suit most tastes, but it's worth trying the local Bahraini delicacies too.

One of the most popular - and a 'must try' for all expats - is muhammar. This sweet rice dish is seasoned with dates, molasses and spices and eaten with grilled or fried fish. There's also machboos, which consists of fish or meat served with rice.   more ...

Brunei > Articles


An Expat Guide To International Schools in Brunei

Posted on Friday July 28, 2017 (15:06:56)
Brunei Darussalam is a tiny country situated in the Southeastern part of Asia. It is home to a small population of around 400,000 residents, of whom nearly 40% are expats. The nation has been divided into two separate sections and is completely surrounded by the Malaysian state of Sarawak.   more ...

Trinidad and Tobago > Articles

Trinidad and Tobago

An Expat Guide To Healthcare In Trinidad & Tobago

Posted on Friday July 28, 2017 (14:29:04)
Teeming with natural beauty, the birthplace of the steel pan, the limbo dance and several unique music styles is located just off the northern edge of the South American mainland. Calm, peaceful and serene are some of the first words that will come to mind when you visit the twin island country of Trinidad and Tobago.   more ...

Oman > Articles


An Expat Guide To Healthcare In Oman

Posted on Friday July 28, 2017 (14:05:48)
Expat life is exciting: traveling to new locations, meeting new people, exploring diverse cultures – for most people, life really can’t get any better than that. However, even the exciting expat life is not one without a few worries. When moving to a new place, there is a lot of anxiety over your ability to adjust to your new surroundings.   more ...