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United States > Articles

United States

What Will The Changes To The H1 Visa In The US Mean For You?

Posted on Friday November 17, 2017 (13:22:56)

The Government of the United States has recently made several reforms to its immigration laws. Some of these changes are in relation to national security and have resulted in tighter border controls. Officials and key decision makers are expressing concern about foreign workers and migrants taking up jobs or assignments across the country instead of American citizens. They have therefore implemented certain measures to restrict the issue of work visas and permits to those who do not come from the US.   more ...

Germany > Articles


What To Do In Your First Month In Germany

Posted on Friday November 17, 2017 (13:07:01)

During your first month in Germany, you may feel as though you’re caught in a series of confusing red tape mazes. In Germany’s specific brand of bureaucratic orienteering, sequential order is everything. This article is a step by step guide, helping you to navigate this potentially tricky time.   more ...

Portugal > Articles


What Do The New Tax System Changes In Portugal Mean For You?

Posted on Friday November 17, 2017 (12:52:20)

Located on the western part of the Iberian Peninsula is a land of contrasts, with cobblestone villages, modernized cities, golden beaches and upward arching mountains. Portugal boasts a rich cultural history, natural beauty, hot summers and friendly people, making it one of the most popular destinations for tourists and expats from around the globe.   more ...

Cyprus > Articles


What Do The New Residency Rules In Cyprus Mean For You?

Posted on Friday November 10, 2017 (13:54:05)

The Republic of Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean region is known for its slow pace of life and relaxed lifestyle, meaning it’s an ideal location for expats looking for a more laidback experience. English-speaking expats find it easy to integrate into the local society since most people in Cyprus speak English, as the country was once part of the British Empire. In addition, the country has a high standard of education. Cyprus’s cost of living is affordable compared to the average cost in the European Union (EU). One of the biggest attractions of this sunny destination is the low tax rates, which are the reason some international entrepreneurs choose Cyprus as the base for their business.   more ...

Trinidad and Tobago > Articles

Trinidad and Tobago

An Expat Guide To Food And Drink In Trinidad And Tobago

Posted on Friday November 10, 2017 (13:50:15)

The twin archipelagic states of Trinidad and Tobago are located in the North Atlantic Ocean in the Caribbean, and share maritime boundaries with places such as Barbados, Guyana, Grenada and Venezuela. Tourists from all around the world head to this popular destination for sun, sand and good times.   more ...

Portugal > Articles


Portugal Or Spain - Which Would Suit You?

Posted on Friday November 10, 2017 (13:43:43)

The world is brimming with possibilities; you can make a home anywhere you desire. From finding comfort in an unknown land to exposing yourself to a cultural shock and learning to empathize with the differences that unite us, expat life can be both exciting and challenging. Travelling to and settling down in another country brings with it its own set of inspiring and unexpected adventures. If you’ve got your list of possible destinations, it’s time to take a leap of faith, and land in a new world that you think would best favor your lifestyle. It’s decision time.   more ...

United Kingdom > Articles

United Kingdom

Homeware Shopping In London - A Guide For New Expats

Posted on Friday November 10, 2017 (13:19:56)

You’ve moved into your new home and perhaps it’s a little empty; you want to fill your new space with colour and style, but you’re on a budget after your move. Or it could be that you want to find some unique interior accents or antique pieces to really make your new abode stand out?   more ...

Mexico > Articles


Interview With Chuck Bolotin, Best Places In The World To Retire

Posted on Friday November 10, 2017 (12:53:59)
Chuck Bolotin
Chuck, you're VP Business Development at Best Places in the World to Retire. Tell us a bit about your role - what does a day in your life look like?

Thanks, Scar, for the opportunity to be interviewed for Expat Focus. It’s an honor.

In broad terms, I’m responsible for bringing content to our site that is high quality and useful to people considering moving abroad, as well as managing our business relationships.   more ...

United Kingdom > Articles

United Kingdom

The Best Places In London To Celebrate Bonfire Night

Posted on Friday November 03, 2017 (14:02:32)

The 5th of November is a day of historic significance for the people of the UK. More than 400 years ago, back in 1605, 13 conspirators planned to blow up Parliament and kill King James I in what is now known as the Gunpowder Plot. One of the plotters, Guy Fawkes, was arrested by the police while guarding the explosives that had been placed in a cellar beneath the House of Lords. The rest of the conspirators were seized shortly after that, and disaster was averted. That very night, Londoners celebrated the defeat of the conspirators by engaging in street festivities and lighting bonfires.   more ...

Italy > Articles


Italy Or Spain – Which Would Suit You?

Posted on Friday November 03, 2017 (13:53:42)

Are you trying to decide between Italy and Spain as a destination? There are some similarities between these countries, both of which enjoy sunny Mediterranean weather, are populated with Latin peoples, harbor a great love for good wine and cuisine, have the tradition of an afternoon siesta, and are known for their warmth and hospitality. However, in other ways these two countries can seem worlds apart. Each country has their unique features and does things in their own characteristic ways.   more ...