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Canada - Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia can be found on the south east coast of Canada. It has the second largest population of all the provinces although it is the second smallest in the country in terms of land mass. It has a population of just under 1 million people. The main urban area is the capital of Halifax and this is also the main commercial area for the province. Many people in the province are of Scottish descent and the province has a growing expat population, with communities from the Middle East, Britain, Germany and China among the largest.

The climate is mainly continental and is influenced by the ocean. The winters are very cold and the summers are warm although there are few extremes of temperature. The northern part of the province does experience some extremely cold temperatures in winter.

Nova Scotia – Employment

The website of the Nova Scotia province government has advice on the opportunities that are available within the state. There is a commitment from the government to create further opportunities and increase the region’s contribution to the national economy. There is advice on starting your own business although there is no funding available to expats for this. As with all states, there is a shortage of skills in some fields and details of these can be found on the website. This information is updated regularly in accordance with the needs of the region.

Nova Scotia has many natural resources which form the basis of the economy of the province. Fishing, agriculture and mining are among the largest contributors to the economy, although opportunities in these areas are rare and tend to be given to those who have a great deal of experience in these areas. Due to the small nature of some of the urban developments, small businesses tend to do very well and the tourism sector has developed a great deal each year.

Nova Scotia – Property

Most people in Nova Scotia choose to live in Halifax, which is the capital of the province. There is a variety of neighbourhoods to choose from and the city grew dramatically in the 1990s when it merged with several nearby towns to form a regional municipality. The Downtown district forms the commercial heart of the city and has a lively night life. There are some streets with townhouses in but most of the accommodation in this part of the town is apartments. Property prices are on a par with the regional average. The Harbour district has a number of apartment buildings and some streets of townhouses. The area is much sought after and property prices are a little higher than in other parts of the city.

The South End district is an exclusive area and much more expensive than other neighbourhoods. The streets are wide and the houses are large with good sized gardens. There are good schools and leisure facilities in the area, making this part of the city much sought after. The West End district is known for its shopping facilities and homes in the area range from apartments to detached family homes. Prices are lower than in the South End district and there are good schools nearby. The Bedford district is one of the oldest districts in Halifax and is a mainly residential area. The property prices are a little higher than the average for the town but this is due to the age of the area and the demand for property.

The Dartmouth district used to be a separate town and has a large population. As a result there are several neighbourhoods there to choose from and these range from very cheap to very expensive. The town is similar in design and layout to Halifax and attracts many visitors each year. There are several areas which have older style properties available with period features. The town has good schools, shopping facilities and leisure facilities. Many of the houses on the outskirts of the town are detached family homes with gardens, although the centre of the town has a number of sought after apartment buildings which are aimed at young professionals. Properties in the centre of the town are mainly rented. Homes in the suburbs can be rented although most are owner-occupied.

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