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Canada - Nunavut

Nunavut is one of the newest territories in Canada and used to be a part of the Northwest Territories. It covers a large part of Northern Canada and the capital city is Iqaluit, located on Baffin Island. It has one of the smallest populations of all the Canadian subdivisions with less than 30,000 people making their home there and boasts the world’s most northerly town which is permanently inhabited. The majority of the population are native Canadians who describe themselves as Inuit, so expats from Europe and other parts of the world cannot be found in any great quantities. The main languages used in the region are Inuit languages, closely followed by English and French.

The climate varies due to the size of the area, although it is polar in the north, so winters are extremely cold and the summers are mild. Winter nights are very long and days are short.

Nunavut – Employment

As this area is one of the least populated there are not many opportunities for work, although there are opportunities for those who have a good idea for their own business. The government of the Nunavut territory has advice for those expats who want to start their own business and the procedures that need to be followed. There are a number of fields where there are skills shortages in the region and these include medicine and teaching. Those who are qualified and experienced in these areas will be able to apply for visas on this basis.

The main contributor to the economy is mining. The area has many natural resources including gold, lead, zinc, copper and diamonds. Those who have experience in mining may find it easy to find work, although there are few opportunities for those who are new to the work. The mining industry is continuing to develop and new mines are opening all the time.

Nunavut – Property

The small nature of the towns in this region means that there is very little variation in the towns themselves. The main town is Iqaluit but this area does have some nice neighbourhoods to choose from. The district of Apex is located a few kilometres from the town centre. This is a small district and has a primary school and a few shops. Most of the homes in the area are single family homes on good sized plots and property prices are very reasonable when compared with other parts of the country.

Many people moved to Iqaluit when the air base was built as there were work opportunities. The town has a number of good schools and a downtown area which is the base for commercial activities. The downtown area has apartment buildings which are mainly used by those who work in the area, with some properties available for rent rather than buying. Homes in the surrounding neighbourhoods are usually available to buy, although there are some rental houses available.

The town has a good hospital and all the amenities that are needed for daily life. The town has several good schools and a college for higher education and there are good leisure facilities. Outdoor sports are very popular in the town and there are many teams and associations that newcomers can join to help them to make new friends. Newcomers will find the communities are quite tightly knit, but they are very welcoming to new people.

The area is also home to smaller towns such as Rankin Inlet and Arviat. These are both home to around 2000 people, so there is not a great deal of choice when it comes to properties, but it does mean that prices are similar throughout the town. There is also not a great deal of choice when it comes to schools and leisure facilities, although the towns have everything that is needed for daily life. In addition to towns of this size, there are many more towns which have a population of 500 people or less which have even fewer facilities, but the towns can cover basic needs. Homes in these towns tend to be detached family homes and most will have some land with them. There may be some apartments available but these are rare in such small towns.

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