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Canada - Renewable Energy

Canada is a country which makes good use of renewable energy sources for production of electricity and homeowners are now being encouraged to do the same. In each province there are numerous companies which can install different types of green energy sources and if you are living in a remote area it may be essential. As energy bills are increasing in Canada just as they are in other parts of the world, many homeowners are taking these steps in order to reduce costs. As some areas of Canada experience extreme temperatures in winter, making use of one or more types of alternative energy can mean that you can comfortably heat your home without running up large bills.

Wind power is one that has been put to good use in Canada. In remote areas many people are installing a wind turbine to power their homes. These are often installed alongside other methods of energy production such as solar panels. However, in order to be effective you need to live in an area that is fairly open and that gets a lot of wind. Wind power is a good method of generating electricity but on calm days it is not very effective so does need to be used with other sources of energy. If you are considering this as an energy source you need to check with the local planning office to see if wind turbines are permitted in your area and that you have plenty of land as many areas restrict their construction within a few hundred metres of a neighbour’s property. If you are living in an urban area you are unlikely to be able to use this form of power.

The estimated cost of a wind turbine can be anything between $2000 and $8000 per kilowatt, but there are other costs involved too. This does not include installation or other parts of the system. You should also take into account potential maintenance costs. The homeowner would also need to take into account potential wind speeds in the area and have the property assessed to be sure that wind power is the right form of energy for that property.

Solar power is one of the most popular forms of alternative energy production in Canada. It has a number of advantages over wind turbines, including silent running, more potential for use in urban areas and a lower cost. Solar power can be installed simply to run one part of your homes energy requirements such as heating the water or it can provide all the electricity that you need to run your home. Solar panels can be fairly expensive to install but if you choose to have a system that provides all your electricity requirements these can pay for themselves within a few years.

Homeowners who are considering this option should be aware that they need to have a roof which is south facing in order to make the most of the sunshine and installing these panels on other surfaces may not be as effective. A reputable installation company will be able to advice on the suitability of the system for your home and will also be able to supply and fit all the extra equipment that a solar panel system requires. Most companies will sell the systems in kit form which are designed to suit different sizes of house, from cottages to advanced kits for larger houses.

Another popular form of energy production is that of solid fuel. Many homes, particularly in rural areas, have multi fuel stoves installed and these can also be fitted to run the hot water and central heating systems of the home. These can run on coal, but in most areas they run on wood only and as Canada has a plentiful supply of wood and schemes in place for planting trees to replace those cut down, this is a cost effective option.

There are a number of incentives across the country to install different types of green energy but these are run by the governments of each province and vary a great deal. Some of the incentives involve making an application for a grant and some are time-specific, so are not available all year round.

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