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Canada - Taxis

If you need to catch a cab in Canada you can either hail one in the street, book one in advance or go to a taxi rank. In busy areas you may have a short wait so booking a taxi in advance is considered to be the best option. In recent years the number of taxi licences that have been issued have been limited and there have been calls for more to be issued, particularly in the larger cities such as Vancouver and Toronto. Taxi ranks can usually be found at shopping malls, railway stations and other areas that are busy with tourists and residents.

If you need to call a taxi you can call a firm direct or simply call 310 TAXI, if you are in an area which uses this service. There are currently more than 900 communities which are connected to this service and the aim is to make it easier for people to get a cab and not have to look up numbers for every area they are in. When you dial the number you are automatically connected to a registered cab company in your area. The calls are local and free and the number does not change no matter where you are.

Most cars used as taxis in Canada are fairly spacious and many cab companies are now making use of hybrid cars and the older style cabs are being phased out in favour of these. This makes them much more fuel efficient as well as more environmentally friendly and brings Canadian cab companies in line with those in the US.

Most cab companies have vehicles which have been adapted for wheelchair passengers and some are equipped with lifts to help the passenger get in and out of the vehicle. However, if you are disabled and need a cab you should book as far in advance as possible as not all cabs have this equipment and some will only have one or two suitable cabs.

Taxi fares work in two ways in Canada. All cabs have meters and you can be charged as per the distance and time of your journey, or you can arrange a fixed fee in advance. This is usually the case if you are travelling some distance or you want a return journey. Fares are on a par with those in the UK and the US.

Taxi drivers are regulated in Canada. There are fees that need to be paid for registration and the licences and drivers must undergo training. It is unlikely that a registered driver would be tempted to defraud a passenger as a complaint would cause a problem for them when renewing their registration, but visitors and residents need to be wary of those who work as unlicensed cab drivers as there have been a few instances in some cities.

When you take a taxi in Canada you need to look for a numbered plate on the rear bumper which shows that the cab is registered and most will have a roof sign which also bears the number of the car. Inside the car there is usually an information card which gives the car number, information on the different fares, charges for luggage if applicable, photo ID for the driver and a meter. The meters are usually set by the city. There should also be information on how to make a complaint if you find that the service is not satisfactory. Under the terms of their registration with the province taxi drivers are expected to be polite at all times, keep the car clean and tidy, not carry more than the number of passengers legally allowed, only charged fares as set by the meter and help disabled passengers in and out of the vehicle.

If you make a complaint it will be investigated by the authorities. You will need to give as much information as possible about the driver, the car, the journey and the incident.

Pets are allowed in cabs but each individual company will have different regulations about this so you would need to find out in advance. Some may only transport assistance dogs while others will allow all types of pets. There may be extra to pay for transporting a pet and the owner is responsible for keeping the pet under control.

Useful Resources

Yellow Cab Co Ltd (Vancouver)
Tel: 1 604 681 1111

Beck Taxi Ltd Toronto
Tel: 416 751 555

Taxi Diamond Montreal
Tel: 514 273 1725

Blue Line Taxi Co Ltd
Tel: 613 238 1111

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