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Canadian Senior Management Roles Outside of Ontario and B.C.

Published Friday April 26, 2013 (19:30:19)

Montreal, Quebec

Canada benefits from a busy job market. A number of expats decide to make the move to Canada to work and live. It has similarities to other Western countries and feels like a home away from home in many ways. Despite the recent global recession, Canada remained unshaken and whereas other G8 economies crumbled, Canada has added to its job tally since 2009 and the economy is stronger. The federal government and many Canadian industries have started to expand trade with emerging Asian markets, in an attempt to diversify exports. Widely debated oil pipeline proposals are hoped to increase exports of Canadian oil reserves to China and add even more opportunities to a country which is ideal for the modern expat family.

While Ontario and British Columbia tend to be areas of choice for expats, Canada offers a number of other key employment opportunities outside of cities like Toronto and Vancouver and these should be researched and explored fully before you make the move to the country.


The country’s economic strength is evident in the oil businesses and petrochemicals of Alberta. In fact, Alberta is enjoying a boom in all job sectors, with hiring taking place across the board. High tech jobs are readily available, in addition to the main focus which is oil. As well as the oil industry, Edmonton offers jobs in information technology and banking. Employers include Canadian Western Bank, Telus and Stantec, as well as big retail businesses.

It is easy to move to the area if you have the appropriate qualifications for skilled work, such as engineering. Cities with populations of over 25,000 tend to have the entrepreneurial edge in Canada and offer senior roles for residents and expats. The best choices in Alberta include Lloydminster and Grande Prairie. Approximately 40,000 jobs have been created in Calgary in the past two years alone.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick offers a slower pace of life than some areas of Canada but its economy is growing. In fact, its residents have the highest incomes of any of Canada’s Atlantic provinces. Frederickton is the capital of New Brunswick. It possesses expanding and increasing industry and is growing in popularity for expats. Moncton, which is also in New Brunswick, is the major business and activity center in the area. French is the language of choice for many and industry is attracted to the area due to its bilingualism. Moncton also boasts being one of the fastest growing cities in Canada and therefore, one to watch for expats.


Winnipeg is the popular capital city of Manitoba. The area is keen to attract new residents and welcoming of expats. The jobs on offer are growing rapidly, as is an increase in the wages on offer.


The economy in Quebec benefits from the natural resources on offer. However, it also makes use of the various technologies, such as communications and information, aerospace and pharmaceutical industry. Combined, they have helped attract high quality workers and strengthened the economy making Quebec the second most economically influential province in Canada, behind Ontario which comes in at first place. The city of Levis is a leader in technology and agricultural business research. Shipping in the area, which is a growing suburb of Quebec City, is also large for the economy and a good employer. As Canada’s second biggest city, Montreal makes a huge impact and contribution to commerce in the country.

Canada is one of the top ten trading nations in the world and as a G8 nation has the eleventh-largest economy on the globe. As with many modern countries, the service industry employs the majority of the workforce in the country, but in recent years, the growth of other sectors such as mining and transport have contributed greatly and changed the outlook of the country.

Unlike many developed countries, Canada also benefits from its primary sector of petroleum and logging/timber and exports energy. Alberta has large oil and gas resources, which are big employers in the region.

These industries and the economic strength of Canada, allow for numerous management roles with high wages and good employment opportunities, not just in Ontario and B.C but across Canada in general.

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