How To Open A Bank Account In Chile

With a reasonable cost of living and an exciting culture, Chile is an attractive expat destination for many. However, when it comes to managing your finances, things can be a little complicated, because the banking infrastructure isn’t very accessible to foreign nationals. Therefore, if you’re planning to relocate to the country, you’ll need to plan … Read more

What Quality Of Healthcare Can You Expect In Chile?

The healthcare system in Chile is generally of a high quality, and it consistently ranks well when compared to other systems in Latin America. According to World Health Organisation (WHO) data, Chile ranks as the 33rd best country in the world in terms of healthcare. The average life expectancy in Chile has been consistently increasing, … Read more

Maternity Care In Chile: What The Options Are And How To Decide On A Birth Plan

Maternity care in Chile is generally of a high standard. The country has the lowest infant mortality rate in the Americas behind Canada and Uruguay. The dedicated Chile Crece Contigo (“Chile Grows With You”) subsystem of the Ministry of Social Development’s social protection system aims to support and protect children from the moment their mother … Read more

How To Register With The Health System In Chile

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), healthcare in Chile is the best in South America and 33rd best in the world. Chilean healthcare runs on a two-tier system. It has a public health insurance scheme, but people can opt out of this and choose private healthcare instead. Getting public health insurance Public healthcare in … Read more

How To Rent Or Buy Property In Chile

Chile is popular for its incredible landscapes and friendly locals, as well as for the great quality of life it can offer to those who live there. With seaside resorts, breathtaking mountainous views and expat-friendly cities, Chile has it all. It even has an affordable cost of living. Chile is well on its way to … Read more

How To Apply For A Visa In Chile

Citizens of certain countries, such as the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, only need a valid passport in order to enter Chile. If you are a citizen of Australia or Mexico, you will be charged a reciprocity fee on entry, assuming you arrive by plane. Chile requires all … Read more

How To Find A Job In Chile

Chile is a prosperous country, which is opening up substantially to international employment: companies such as Microsoft, Nestle and IBM have opened divisions there, offering expat workers the opportunity to relocate to this South American nation on secondment, or to find new employment in the region. There are a number of options for expats to … Read more

How To Purchase Property In Chile

Chile is a beautiful country and a great property investment destination. As expected, there are legal obligations you need to meet before you can buy property in the country. Many expats living in Chile will decide to rent for the first year before they start considering purchasing property. Due to the climate extremes, it might … Read more

How To Open A Bank Account In Chile

Hailed as the least corrupt country in South America and classified as one of the most advanced developing countries in the world, Chile is an attractive destination for expats. And because it’s an easy place to start a business, it is also becoming popular with expanding corporations and entrepreneurs.In 2017, Chile’s census indicated that 6.1 … Read more

Which Region Of Chile Should You Move To?

With an astonishing array of climates, landscapes and employment opportunities, the Republic of Chile has a lot to offer any expat. The difficulty is deciding which region is best for you. Why Move To Chile? Chile offers Latin America’s highest standard of living. It’s easy to locate places to live which have good phone and … Read more

An Expat Guide To Healthcare In Chile

Chile’s healthcare system has been voted one of the best in Latin America. Medical care is available to both Chilean people and expats at affordable rates. The Chilean healthcare system is divided between public and private medical institutions, and your insurance plan and income level will determine where you go for treatment.The World Health Organization … Read more

An Expat Guide To The Climate Of Chile

The climate and weather in Chile varies depending on which part of the country you are in. Chile’s latitudinal positioning affects its climate patterns, making some areas arid while others enjoy Mediterranean weather. The best time to visit is during the summer, when temperatures are mild. Chile experiences four different climate patterns by region. The … Read more

Why Chile Is A Great Place For Expat Tech Entrepreneurs

An amazingly diverse destination with arid deserts, snowcapped mountain ranges, active volcanoes and islands, Chile is a land of extreme contrasts in many ways. It is the longest nation in the world, stretching across three continents. While the main territory lies on the South American West Coast, its western border is part of Oceania, while … Read more

An Expat Guide To Self-Employment In Chile

Chile has long been considered an attractive destination for foreign investors and expat entrepreneurs, and for good reason. One of the more stable economies in South America, the country is fairly liberal in letting non-nationals set up shop, and has recently made the process of starting a business even simpler.Chile’s income levels are significantly higher … Read more

Chile – Recommended Social Media Accounts

At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we’re taking a look at Chile and some of the social media accounts that might be useful for expats there.Emily In Chile – Facebook Emily had one request … Read more

Chile – Recommended Blogs

At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we’re taking a look at Chile and some of the blogs that might be useful for expats there.Bear Shaped Sphere Eileen has been living in Chile for eight years, … Read more

The Pros And Cons Of Teaching English In Chile

Living in Chile can be a great experience for any expat. Moreover, this country has not only modern infrastructure but also one of the most stable economies across South America. Foreigners from all over the world are therefore seeking employment in Chile. Many Americans, Brits, Australians, and Canadians are taking up English-teaching jobs in this … Read more

The Traditional Folk Music Of Chile – Artists You Should Know

Chile has a rich musical heritage, with many different origins and influences. Before the arrival of the Europeans, the indigenous peoples had their own musical systems, and some of these styles still survive today, either incorporated into contemporary music or in something closer to their original form. Later the music of the Europeans, in particular … Read more

A Guide To The Indigenous Cultures Of Chile

Like many South American countries, Chile has a population that is quite varied in its ethnicity and culture. Exact numbers are hard to come by, and many sources disagree with each other, but on the whole it’s probably safe to say that around 50% of Chile’s population is Caucasian, and the rest are either partly … Read more

Internet Access In Chile: What You Need To Know

The Republic of Chile is situated between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. It has become a popular choice for expats because of its rich culture and high quality of life. Santiago, the political and financial capital of the country, is home to the majority of the foreigners living in Chile. Staying connected with … Read more

A Brief Guide To The Main Religious Beliefs In Chile

Many of the countries in South America draw large numbers of expats, and for a variety of reasons – the landscapes, weather, languages and cultures, economy, and so on. While countries like Argentina and Brazil tend to be the most popular, Chile draws its share of expats too. It has many of the advantages shared … Read more

Chile – Recommended Blogs

At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we’re taking a look at Chile and some of the blogs that might be useful for expats there. Bear-Shaped Sphere Eileen is an American expat who currently lives in … Read more

Matt McKenna, Santiago

Who are you? My name is Matt McKenna and I am from Austin, Texas, USA. I am a teacher of religious studies and philosophy. I am single and have close ties to my family. I had previously spent 3 years living and working in Monterrey, Mexico for a non-profit organization. After returning to the U.S., … Read more

Sally Rose, Santiago

My name is Sally Rose. I blog as The Thorny Rose. I moved to Santiago, Chile on March 1, 2011, because I had discovered, during a visit here in 2008, that I felt better here than anywhere I’ve ever been or lived. Whatever “it” was, I wanted more of it! (I had always had an … Read more