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Finding Employment

Gibraltar - Finding Employment

Citizens from EU countries are entitled to live and work in Gibraltar. Permits are still required, but for EU nationals they are easily issued. Citizens from non-EU\EAA countries need to meet certain criteria before they are granted the relevant permits. These people should also check with the Gibraltar government about the documentation required to apply for permits. It is best if they have a firm offer of employment, because it helps them obtain the permits much more easily. A work contract can only be issued if the employer can prove that are no EU or Gibraltarian citizens who wish to take that particular job. British citizens only require their passport.

Expats must also show that they are able to earn money without claiming funds from the Gibraltarian Social Security system. Taxation is quite high but workers can often gain High Net Worth Individual status or become exempt as an expatriate executive. There are two income tax systems, so the taxpayers can select the one that results in lower tax payments. Salaries can be compared to those in the UK, as the administrators can earn between 12,000 GIP (Gibraltar Pounds) and 17,000 GIP on average, while IT professionals can make from 25,000 GIP to 30,000 GIP. The working hours and holidays follow a similar pattern to the UK. The employment laws are the same as in the United Kingdom as well.

As English is the official language, it is a huge advantage to those who are fluent in it, when looking for a job. There are a couple of professions that are always in demand in Gibraltar. All teachers must have Qualified Teacher Status and be fully trained, and a large number of them are expats. Medical practitioners are also trained in the UK and the majority of them are expats as well. As it is a small country with medical needs that are required only on occasion, most of the specialist practitioners are not employed full time, but are flown in from the UK when needed.

Gibraltar is also becoming a very attractive destination for tourists, so there are numerous vacancies in this field, although many of them are seasonal. As space in Gibraltar is limited, there are only a limited number of vacancies in the construction field. There are numerous recruitment agencies that often help jobseekers find a position in this country. Applicants should be aware that these agencies always ask for a fee. More reputable agencies would request a fee only from the employer.

Salaries and Working Hours in Gibraltar

The working hours in Gibraltar are not different from the ones in the UK, usually from 9 am to 6 pm. Those who work in the government sector usually have their work finished by 3:30 pm, although government jobs do usually go to local people. Jobs in the online gaming industry have a very enticing pay range, but the legal sector is deemed as lower than what the people get in the UK. In general, Gibraltar’s wages on average are 20% lower than in the UK. This is applicable to basic positions as well, with PA job roles getting a home pay of up to £25K. Skilled roles such as those in the IT sector would naturally have higher wages which can even be very similar to those in the United Kingdom.

Working for English Speakers

Since English is widely spoken in Gibraltar and also the main language of instruction in primary schools, many expats can easily find a job in the peninsula. However, it also has limited job opportunities despite the booming online gaming industry.

With a school system patterned after the UK’s, many of those who are native English speakers can simply start trying to get an English teaching job, although this may not be easy. Gibraltar is considered to be the heart of the online gaming industry with many of the biggest online gaming companies in the world choosing the peninsula as the base of their head offices. Apart from the gaming industry, other sectors that may have an ongoing demand for professionals include finances, insurance, IT, accountancy and legal.

Gibraltar Summer Jobs

Looking for a summer job in Gibraltar is not as difficult as it can be in nearby Spanish cities. While there is a large number of international companies in Gibraltar, expats can find various working opportunities in casual places such as shops, bars and restaurants that are placed in the commercial hub of the city. However, it is important to know that most of the companies in Gibraltar prioritize Gibraltarians when it comes to employment opportunities of this sort.

Official Rules and Regulations

Holders of an EU/EEA passport can easily work in Gibraltar without any issues. On the other hand, non-EU job seekers are advised to acquire a work contract before they can be granted with a working permit. Most employers would issue a work contract only after they have ensured that they can find no Gibraltarian or EU nationals for the post. In Gibraltar, contract workers are entitled to the Social Insurance Scheme which later allows them to enjoy a number of benefits. These benefits include unemployment benefit, maternity grants, injury at work compensation, widowed mother’s allowance, widow’s pension, old age pension and death grants.

Workers in Gibraltar can also take advantage of the Group Practice Medical Scheme that provides numerous health benefits so long as one’s social insurance is valid.

Where to Find Work

There are numerous job sites and online forums that can help expats in finding out more about the latest job vacancies in Gibraltar. Recruitment companies can also be a good place to start looking for work in Gibraltar as they tend to be in constant touch with some of the peninsula’s largest companies.

Some of the recruitment companies available in Gibraltar include:

SRGEurope Intelligent Recruitment
Castle Hill Recruitment
First Choice Recruitment
EyeSpy Recruitment
CRS Recruitment

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