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Sport and Fitness

Hong Kong - Sport and Fitness

Sports of all kinds can be found in Hong Kong. Some of the most popular sports include football (English version), cycling, golf, basketball, badminton, softball, tennis, and even roller-skating. Water sports are very popular too, thanks to Hong Kong’s particular geography.

Water enthusiasts can find boating, rowing, swimming, diving, and water boarding. There are windsurfing facilities in Stanley Beach, Sai Kung and Cheung Chau. In Sai Kung, kayak equipment can be rented. There are five government-established water sport centers that rent equipment and offer training courses, too. More information regarding water sports can be found at: http://www.lcsd.gov.hk/watersport/en/index.php The Hong Kong Underwater Associate and The Hong Kong Diving Academy offer scuba diving certification.

More information on water sports, land sports, fitness centers, and other physical activities can be found through the Leisure and Cultural Services Department’s website.

Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Tel: 852 2414 5555
Email: enquiries@lcsd.gov.hk

Since 40% of the land in Hong Kong is devoted to nature reserves and parks, there are many opportunities for sports and fitness. Most of the sports can be enjoyed throughout the year, too, thanks to the generally good weather that Hong Kong receives.

Hiking is a very popular activity in Hong Kong. Despite the fact that Hong Kong Island is a large city, there are many trails that range from paved roads that are fairly easy to arduous and steep climbs to upper peaks. The New Territories has nature reserves in which many outdoor pursuits can be enjoyed. A complete list of hiking trails can be found at: http://www.gov.hk/en/residents/culture/trail/

Gym memberships are becoming increasingly popular in Hong Kong. There are both large, chain gyms and smaller local ones. California Fitness, for instance, has 9 locations in Hong Kong and offers modern equipment as well as personal trainers and group exercises. You will normally have to sign a contract for gym membership. However, if you enroll in a gym that has other branches throughout Hong Kong, you should be able to have access into any of them through your membership.

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) provide fitness rooms in the urban area and the New Territories. Those who are age 15 or above can use these if they have completed the “Briefing on Proper Ways to Use Fitness Equipment” and passed the assessment; have equivalent qualifications recognized by the Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong; have completed the “Fitness Training Courses” or have a LCSD Gold Card. For a list of fitness rooms in Hong Kong, visit: http://www.lcsd.gov.hk/lschemes/rufr/en/rooms.php

There are also a large number of clubs throughout Hong Kong. These can be social clubs with competitive sports teams or sports clubs themselves. Membership to these can sometimes be high, and there might be waiting lists, but they are a big part of Hong Kong.

The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club is an old institution and acceptance is based on interest in sailing and rowing. Sailing and rowing courses are available to members and non-members. In addition, there are squash courts, a swimming pool, and a bowling alley. The Aberdeen Marina Club offers water activities, too, and a fitness city, tennis courts, squash courts, and an ice-skating rink as well as six restaurants.

Many expats belong to the American Club. This was established in 1925. It also has a swimming pool, tennis and squash courts, but a spa and basketball court round out its sports facilities. British sports, on the other hand, are noted at the Hong Kong Cricket Club. In addition to cricket, they have rugby, bowling, and netball.

Golf is popular in Hong Kong and several clubs have their own golf courses. The Hong Kong Football Club, for instance, offers a driving range while the Hong Kong Golf Club is an exclusive club with a wait list of 20 years. It has a nine-hole course at Deep Water Bay and three full 18-hole courses in the New Territories. Several courses are located in the New Territories, including three 18-hole courses at the public Kau Sai Chau club. Additional courses exist in Shek O, Clearwater Bay, Lantau, and Discovery Bay.

Every year, Hong Kong sees the GigaSports cross country, half marathon, 15K and 10K. The Standard Chartered marathon occurs each February while Action Asia has races throughout the region.

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