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Renting Property

Hungary - Renting Property

Renting property in Hungary is relatively cheap when compared to other EU countries. Expats should be able to find affordable accommodation options within the city or the suburbs. The choice of property you rent in any new country will depend on various factors, including your immediate needs.

The price of renting property in Hungary varies across both cities and the regions within those cities. Budapest, the country's capital, is popular with expats coming to the country for work or studies. The western side of the capital offers suburban houses that go for a fair price compared to the eastern side. The eastern side is the central business district, and is where most companies are established. Rent here will be higher, partly because of the convenience of being close to the city center.

Where you choose to stay will also depend on your reasons for moving. Are you a student coming to complete your studies or stay temporarily on an exchange program? Are you an employee who just got a new job in Hungary? Will you be relocating alone, or with your spouse and family? Is your stay in Hungary temporary or permanent? Asking yourself these questions will help you determine where you decide to rent.

Most Hungarian cities are divided into districts. Prices vary according to districts, so it is important to do your research before settling. Budapest alone has over 23 districts with available housing for migrants. Districts two and 12 are known to be favorable for expats who are single or couples without children. Those moving to Hungary with their family will find favorable housing options in districts one, five and 13.

Finding Accommodation

Searching for rental property in Hungary is a task that takes some preparation. If you do your research, you will be surprised at the many affordable options come your way, some way cheaper than others.

One way to search for places to rent in Hungary is by making use of personal contacts. This might be family members, colleagues or members of an expat community already settled in the country. A contact person will be in a good position to show you around and point out favorable areas to rent homes in. They may be able to connect you personally to property owners and may agree to be the witness when you sign a tenancy agreement.

You can also check in local newspapers for rental listings. Property owners occasionally advertise their properties and contact details in newspapers. Newspaper listings can also give you an idea of the rental prices within your particular region and help you budget accordingly.

Going online is another fast and effective way to find a home to rent in Hungary. There are several web portals in Hungary that list accommodation options for both locals and expats. One such website is Erasmusu, which is ideal for students looking rooms to rent. Another helpful website is Budapest Dreams. Here you will find plenty of apartment rentals in Budapest. This site is translated into English, Spanish, Russian, German, Catalan, Hungarian and Chinese.

Other websites that advertise rental houses in Hungary include RentHungary, SRS Budapest and Egyetemingatlan. Here you can search for rentals, rooms and new houses that are on the market for rent. The website SRS Budapest will go the extra mile by arranging transport from the website to your rented house. This site also offers an expat startup kit welcoming you to Hungary.

Housing agencies also advertise available property and leave their contacts in newspaper classified sections. A housing agent can make the process of house hunting faster and even help finalize the contract signing with a property owner. However, many expats find that housing agents can be quite expensive. There are many costs involved, not to mention the hefty commission you have to pay before getting the key to your house. If possible, avoid housing agents and instead use any of the aforementioned methods instead.

International students looking for accommodation can ask their universities for housing options. If the campus does not offer accommodation within its compound, they will advertise some options on their notice boards. Some campuses include a bulletin section on their websites where they advertise housing options for students. You can also visit the admission office of your university and ask around. You might get lucky and find a contact of a fellow international student who is willing to cost share their rent.

Rent Prices In Hungary

Rental prices in Hungarian cities are cheaper compared to cities in other EU countries. A one-bedroom and three-bedroom house in the city will go for €240 and €430 respectively. Away from the city, prices for similar units will be €179 and €330. Students looking for shared apartments can expect to pay €150 for a single room, with an extra €130 for utilities like electricity, water and gas.

Cost Of Living

Rent is the number one concern of most expats moving to Hungary. Migrants working for big companies in Hungary often receive a housing allowance that allows them to live comfortably in the country. If you do not get a housing allowance, your salary should be big enough to afford a decent house within the city center or on the outskirts.

One way to minimize your daily expenses is to find a house close to a means of transport. This might be the local metro station that takes you to work or school. International students will find life cheaper when they share an apartment. This same option is also available to expat workers who are not moving with their family.

Signing Contracts

Property owners may ask for a deposit that is equivalent to one or three month's rent before signing a contract. Some property owners prefer verbal agreements over written contracts. However, you should always insist on a written agreement signed with a witness present, preferably a lawyer. Should the property owner go back on the verbal agreement, the Hungarian housing laws will not be in a position to protect your interest.

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