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Malaysia - Birth

Malaysia is a growing economy, therefore companies are attracting expatriots from the western world. This means that Malaysia has families relocating to Malaysia for work requirements. Young families are emigrating for a better quality of life and Malaysia provides excellent services for pregnant women. Like all aspects of healthcare, standards are very high. You can rest-assured if you’re pregnant that you’ll be well-cared for and have the best of birthing and pregnancy services available.


If you’re pregnant while living in Malaysia, your pregnancy needs to be confirmed by your doctor. If you’re not employed by a Malaysian company you will likely have to be medically insured to enable you to pay for pre-natal and post-natal services.

Choosing a hospital is vital for you. You should consider location, post-natal care and the care of your new born baby. Just like back home you’ll have a range of pre-natal check-ups as you prepare for your pending arrival. Your doctor will provide you with the details of classes that are available and midwives to guide you through the birth process.

Abortion in Malaysia

Malaysian law dictates that an abortion can be performed if the mother’s mental or physical health is in danger. A woman must give her consent.


Unless you’re employed by a Malaysian company you will have to pay for all costs which do vary. Birth facilities are excellent. Water births are available, as are birthing suites. Malaysian hospitals keep the mother and child in for two to three days following the birth.

All private medical facilities in Malaysia have to be licensed and compliant to the terms and conditions of their license. There is a cast-iron guarantee you’ll receive the highest standards of care for you and your baby.

Post-natal Care

Malaysia’s high standards of health reach to post-natal care of a new mother and her baby. It is customary in Malaysia that the post-natal mother remains indoors for a month and just about everything is done for her during this time. This is where a post-natal care-giver will be assigned to a new mother and this can cost MYR 3000 ($900) for the month.

mumcentre.com.my offers a whole range of information for new mothers in Malaysia.

Your baby will need vaccinations at one month old. These are as follows:

- Polio
- Rubella
- Hepatitis B

Your health care provider will issue you with a health card for your baby and details of further vaccination requirements will be listed. This health card lists your baby’s details such as hospital, date-of-birth and medical numbers of you and your baby.

Registration of Birth

Malaysian law requires that a baby’s birth is registered within fourteen days of the date of birth. A birth certificate will be issued. A baby’s birth can be registered at the hospital of birth or at Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara – JPN (The Malaysian National Registration Dept.). Your baby’s birth must also be registered at your embassy. You will also need to apply for a passport for your baby. Your baby will have automatic Malaysian citizenship.

Birth Certificate

The hospital where your baby was born will issue a Borang Pendaftaran Kelahiran (birth certificate). This certificate will be in Malay. English-speaking hospital staff can help with the completion of the form.

On registration of your baby’s birth, both parents will have to present their visas and passports. Copies will need to be made to keep on file and it is recommended you make the certified copies yourself. You will also have to give copies of the medical card issued to you and a marriage certificate if there is one. There is no charge for the registration of a baby’s birth.

Baby’s Passport

Your baby has to have a passport. Malaysian law states this. Passports are applied for at the Jabatan Immigresen Malaysia (Malaysian Immigration). Parents will need to present their visas and passports for dual citizenship to be enabled. This requires a copy of the registration of your baby’s birth at your native embassy. Malaysia does not grant dual citizenship. The Immigration Department of Malaysia will only grant Malaysian citizenship.

Other Information

If you’re an employee of a Malaysian company then you will have maternity rights and these can be checked with your employer on the notification of your pregnancy. Malaysian employment law states that thirty days maternity leave is given and this is unpaid. Your employer may have some maternity-related benefits and this can be discussed directly with them.

If the father of the baby is employed by a Malaysian company then he is granted one week’s paid leave. Again, there may be employer-related benefits and this can be checked with the company. There may also be some medical costs paid by the father’s employer and these are usually negotiated at the time of employment and prior to relocation.

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