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Doctors, Dentists and Other Health Services

Malaysia - Doctors, Dentists and Other Health Services

Finding a doctor and a dentist is one of the tasks that should be done as soon as possible once you reach Malaysia. Healthcare is promoted throughout the country and avidly.

How to Find a Doctor in Malaysia

There are many doctors to choose from in Malaysia. Doctors are well-respected and with the Malaysian Government swelling the coffers of the healthcare system, you’ll not be short on choice.

Major cities such as Kuala Lumpur and Penang are swamped with health clinics in shopping malls and in their city centres. If you’re a MyKad holder, the Malaysian identification card, then access to Government-funded healthcare is free. If you are not a Mykad holder then you’ll have to pay for regular check-ups from your doctor.

Malaysia has a two-tier healthcare system and the second tier is the private sector which is where you will find your doctor. Healthcare is much cheaper than in the United States and a visit will cost between $15 and $20 (US) per visit excluding prescription.

Most doctors gain their business by word of mouth. If you’re in an expat community then it’s worth speaking to other people for recommendations. Registering with a doctor is first undertaken at the hospital local to you. Once you’re registered then doctors have a simple system. Many run clinics where there is no appointment necessary, you turn up and wait. If you’re looking for a more specialist doctor then there are private doctors’ offices where you can make an appointment.

Paying for your doctor is on the spot. You may have taken out medical insurance but most policies do not cover regular check-ups. These have to be paid for in cash once your consultation is complete. Doctors and clinics do expect payment on demand. If you are working for a Malaysian company then mandatory national insurance payments are deducted from your pay-check at source and you will be entitled to public-funded doctors.

Medeguide has a detailed list of doctors which you can find by hospital or most-used.


How to Find a Dentist

Dentists are part of the growing healthcare system in Malaysia. All dentists are highly-trained and there are some western-trained dentists. Malaysia is pro-active in all areas of health and this includes dentistry. There are eighty-nine dentists’ clinics in Malaysia and they operate in all major cities. If you live in a more suburban area then travelling to your nearest major city is advisable for your doctor and dentist visits.

Here is a guide for all the dentists’ clinics throughout Malaysia. You can read reviews, check prices and all clinics cover most areas of dentistry. If the clinic you’re attending doesn’t provide the treatment, for example orthodontic surgery, then they will recommend a clinic that can.


Dentist charges are much cheaper than in the United Kingdom and United States. As with your doctors, payment is made on the day of the visit. Your dental clinic will be able to provide you with a list of current prices.

Registering is easy. Pick your clinic, register your details and make an appointment. Some clinics even run a drop-in service.

Dentistry is heavily regulated by the Malaysian Dentistry Council. A dentist has to pass a yearly assessment for their license to be renewed. Therefore ensuring your chosen dentist is licensed is a given. Each practicing dentist must be registered with the Malaysian Dentistry Council (MDC). The Malaysian Dental Association (MDA) also offers registration to practicing dentists. These licenses will usually be displayed in dentists’ clinics. To register with the MDC, dentists must prove they have a university degree in dentistry.

Other Health Services Available to expats

Malaysia provides many health services with various organizations that offer help to expats. Here is a list of useful contacts that have English-speaking counsellors and therapists.

The Malaysian Information Network for Disabled (MIND) has a mine of information for differently-abled people. There are events organized by MIND – check the website for details.


The American Association of Malaysia offers useful information for expats.

Tel: 00 60 (603)-4021-4367
Email: aam_kl05@streamyx.com

The International Women’s Association has a vast range of information for women.

Tel: 00 60 (603)-7726-7104

Info on Flu & other health-related issues


Expat Health Insurance Partners

Bupa Global

At Bupa we have been helping individuals and families live longer, healthier, happier lives for over 60 years. We are trusted by expats in 190 different countries and have links with healthcare organisations throughout the world. So whether you're moving abroad for a change of career or a change of scene, with our international private health insurance you will always be in safe hands.


Cigna has worked in international health insurance for more than 30 years. Today, Cigna has over 71 million customer relationships around the world. Looking after them is an international workforce of 31,000 people, plus a network of over 1 million hospitals, physicians, clinics and health and wellness specialists worldwide, meaning you have easy access to treatment.