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Leisure and Entertainment

Malaysia - Leisure and Entertainment

There is no shortage of leisure and entertainment in Malaysia and as an expat, you’ll have the opportunities to meet lots of new people as you settle into your new life.

Malaysia is home to a great many festivals on offer which represents the many cultures within the country. Kuala Lumpur has areas such as Chinatown which widely celebrates the Chinese New Year and here you will find a great range of street activities and entertainers for your pleasure.

The city also has a range of indoor centres for children with various activity clubs for membership and these are useful when it is hot outside.

The listings of all events in your local area can be found in newspapers and local radio.

Highlights of Kuala Lumpur include Chinatown’s Petaling Street where there is endless entertainment. There are many things to see and enjoy here and it is a whole day out to enjoy. There are many places to eat; you can haggle with the locals as you enjoy a mix of Chinese-Malay food and enjoy colourful displays as Chinatown welcomes warmly its visitors.

Central Market is a huge attraction for tourists and as expat, it is a great place to visit. It’s close by to Petaling Street. Central Market is now a Malaysian Heritage Site and has a range of stalls and food courts which can be found on the second floor.

The National Monument is a must-see and it represents Malaysia’s struggle for freedom during World War II. The sculpture is the world’s tallest bronze statue and each year, on July 31st a remembrance ceremony is performed with wreaths laid at the foundation of the statue.

Dining out in Malaysia is an active part of its culture and the night life in cities is immensely popular. The café culture is massively active and with street cafés around the city, this is becoming the fast way for expats to hang out and socialize. Locals are keen café-goers too. With the warm climate, bars have street areas where people can sit out and enjoy music from local bands.

Cinemas are popular with expats and locals, despite censorship of over 100 movies and there are large cinema complexes in cities.

Smoking is banned in all indoor places including bars and restaurants in Malaysia. Outside smoking is permitted and ashtrays are provided.

Public Holidays

Malaysia has public holidays and state holidays. Due to the multi-cultural aspect of the country, Malaysia has one of the highest numbers of public holidays in the world and many holidays are in-line with western holidays such as Christmas.

August 31st is a national public holiday as it celebrates Malaysia’s freedom from the Japanese in World War II. Labour Day is another public holiday which is on May 1st. Chinese New Year is a public holiday on February 10th and 11th. June 1st is the King’s birthday and this is a public holiday where celebrations are held in honour of the Monarch. September 16th is a public holiday, as is October 15th.

Muslim public holidays are high on Malaysia’s agenda and are often celebrated with Muslims as public holidays as with most religious holidays.

Regional and state holidays are varied and change each year but announcements are made on a regular basis and there are plenty of them.

Festivals of Malaysia

Festivals are celebrated often in Malaysia. There are many festivals taking place annually for each different religion. Each religion has its own festivals and these are often tied in with public holidays. Muslims have seven festivals throughout a calendar year with Ramadan being the main one.

Christianity is celebrated as it is in many countries. Easter is celebrated as is both Christmas and New Year. Buddhist and Chinese festivals are widely celebrated also.

Sikhs have their festivals too and tribe religions have four festivals which are recognized in Malaysia.

It is safe to say that entertainment in Malaysia is plentiful and you will never be short of things to do or see. Kuala Lumpur and other major cities are full of attractions and places to see. Malaysia enjoys life to the full and expects its residents to do the same. Nightlife is fun and lively and suits all ages, from young to old. You can never claim to be bored. For those who want a break from all of the activity outdoors, there is no shortage of entertainment on TV either.

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