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Property Locations

Malaysia - Property Locations

Malaysia has varied locations and when purchasing property, location is one of the main factors when it comes to making a decision. This guide details the different locations and looks at where the up and coming locations are and where expats communities are developing.

Major Cities

Kuala Lumpur and Penang are two examples of major cities. These cities are the hub of all business and finance administration. They are bustling and busy with excellent transport links.

Major cities are attractive areas for property investors as increasing business attracts immigrants from the Far East and from western civilizations. As the cost of living is much cheaper in Malaysia, westerners are flocking to the country to live and work in the conurbations. As Malaysia grows in strength due to increased industries and infrastructure, jobs are plentiful and the market is very up and coming.

This makes for attractive possibilities in terms of purchasing property for foreign investors. It’s a highly productive way of earning an attractive income from property. The rental market is in high demand and in particular for western immigrants who find they can rent and get much more for their money. Tenancy agreements are secure and with rental companies increasing in providing a landlord service, renting is an inviting prospect for people coming to live in the country.

Cities and their surrounding districts have high levels of expat communities and this is only growing due to the provision of services increasing. Malaysia is still the cheapest choice to live in compared to the rest of South-east Asia and whereas once-upon-a-time, Thailand was considered the expat hotspot, favour is definitely turning more to Malaysia.

If you’re looking to purchase property as a foreign investor then major cities with a thriving multi-cultural business area which contains many expats is an ideal choice; you’re sure to make a good return not only on rental income, but on resale value, too.

Major cities are also extending their services available to expat communities and now provide excellent schools and healthcare services. If you’re looking to live in the property then a city is going to provide you with everything you need for your time in Malaysia.

The surrounding districts are also healthy and thriving. Usually with excellent transport links to the city centre, expat communities are growing in numbers and are an excellent choice for those with small children. If you’re working in the city, yet want a less bustling home life, the surrounding districts are highly attractive if you want to live in your investment. If you want to use your investment as income, then you’re onto a winner here. While rents are slightly cheaper than the cities, there is still a good return on your passive income as families who are relocating are attracted to locations on commuter belts.

Rural Locations

Those who are looking for a more relaxed, laid-back place to live will not be disappointed. Places such as Langkawi attract large expat communities from Australia, Britain and other Asian countries. The road network in Malaysia is excellent and transport is good from cities to more rural districts with large communities of expats, then rental income from rural areas is lucrative. Langkawi is home to long, white, sandy beaches and is hugely popular with expats who enjoy the warmer climates while still enjoying a cheaper, high standard of living. Rural locations are often thought to be of a poor standard but with increasing developments and services stretching over the perimeters of the cities, a more rural location is looking more attractive for foreign investors.


Broadly speaking, the choice is immense for location in Malaysia and it can be hard to choose where to live or where to invest. The best advice is to research and view city life to rural life. Obviously, the key factors are whether you’re to live in your property or rent it out. With an ever-increasing retirement community being enticed to Malaysia, location can prove to be a hard choice. There are attractive possibilities with both.

Whatever your choice, you can be rest assured you will be following in the footsteps of many others as the doors of Malaysia are opening wider in appealing to those who are looking for extra income or to relocate to the country.

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