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Buses and Trams

New Zealand - Buses and Trams

There are several bus operators in New Zealand. There are those that operate trips for tour groups and sightseers and those that provide a daily bus service for commuters to neighbouring towns and cities. Travelling around the country by bus or coach can be extremely cost effective but it is not for those who like to get to places in a hurry as the trips can last days depending on your destination.

It is possible to catch a bus in Auckland and for one fixed ticket price you can see all the attractions the city has to offer. You can hire a coach for group trips with the driver also acting as a tour guide to commentate about various landmarks along the route.

If you are looking to tour the country on a coach then there are many package holidays you can chose from, and often meals and accommodations are included in the price, making it a very cost effective way to travel. You can tour one or both of the islands and the ferry journey between the two islands (if part of a package) is included in the price.

Coach companies within New Zealand, such as InterCity Coachlines, Newmans Coachlines and Great Sights have special offers on a regular basis for coach travel. There are also some very flexible travel tickets you can buy to suit all your needs, some tickets start at just NZ$1.00. Between them there are over 700 destinations covered and around 180 services running every day so you are sure to be able to get to whichever destination you require very easily.

Travelling by coach is a popular choice for those who are not in a hurry to get where they are going, and those who enjoy the beautiful scenery along route. The buses and coaches are always modern with facilities such as air conditioning and reclining seats to make your journey all the more comfortable. Most of the long distance coaches have toileting facilities, but they all make regular stops along the route so passengers can use the facilities, buy refreshments and stretch their legs.

There are a number of passes you can buy for your coach journey including those that offer hop on/hop off options which allow you the freedom to stay a little longer at each destination.

The Flexipass Pass allows travel on several coach networks including InterCity, Great Sights and Newmans Coachlines. You can travel in any direction and also includes the ferry journey between the North Island and the South Island. The Flexipass is valid for 12 months and you can buy ‘top up’ hours if you wish to extend your journey. Each additional hour is discounted so the more you travel the more you save. There are also extras included with the Flexipass, such as whale watching trips. Prices for the Flexipass start at around NZ$115.00 per person.

The FlexiTrips Pass works on the same principal but instead of paying for travel hours, you are purchasing trips. Again the FlexiTrip pass is valid for 12 months and you can purchase additional trips over and above your original planned itinerary. Again, ferry services between the North Island and the South Island are included. Prices for the FlexiTrip Pass start from around NZ$156.00 per person.

The Travelpass ticket is another Hop on/Hop off type flexible way to travel. The Travelpass can be bought to cover a certain amount of days travel, from one day up to 14 days on pre- planned itineraries or routes. The tickets are valid for 12 months, so you can travel to one destination, stay a while and then continue your journey. The routes can take in both the North and the South Island or just routes around one single island. The ferry trip is included in the price if the itinerary you choose travels between both the North and South Island. Prices for the Travelpass ticket start from around NZ$106.00 per person.

Stray Travel Passes allow travel slightly off the beaten track for those looking for an adventurous journey. Buses tend to be smaller on these routes but the passes can be used an unlimited amount of times and are valid for 12 months. The cost of the tickets start from just NZ$99.00 per person but do not include the ferry between the North Island and South Island if you decide to travel this route.

The Magic Bus Travel Passes are perhaps the most flexible. They allow travel from top to toe of the country and include the ferry journey. You can also choose routes that are limited to just one island, either North or South. Magic Bus Travel Passes are valid for 12 months. They allow travel 24 hours a day on the variety of bus networks across the country and you are guaranteed a seat as the departures are so frequent, there is always a seat available. Prices per person start from just NZ$213.00.

You can buy tickets online from Coach New Zealand, and there is also a full timetable and map of the routes that can be taken on the website. If you need to contact the company there is also an online contact service including internet calls (such as Skype).

Useful Resources

Coach New Zealand
Tel: (3) 968-9619
Email: info@coachnewzealand.com

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