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Food and Drink

New Zealand - Food and Drink

Dishes that are distinctively New Zealand in style include pavlova, lamb and cervena, bluff oysters, salmon, paua, crayfish, whitebait, mussels, kumara, scallops, kiwifruit, pipis and tuatua (both types of New Zealand shellfish), and tamarillo.

Roast Lamb
Lamb from New Zealand is one of the country’s top export meats and the world holds this product in high esteem. Succulent and tender, roast lamb is a Kiwi favorite. Best enjoyed flavored with plenty of seasonal veggies and rosemary, roast lamb is a meal that is sure to impress. You will find it on the menus of many restaurants in New Zealand.

Māori hāngī
For more than 2000 years, the hāngī was the most widely used method of cooking by Māori. Now it is saved mainly for special occasions. Pork, mutton, and chicken, as well as vegetables, are some of the foods cooked in a hangi. Rotorua in the central North Island is one of the best places to enjoy this cultural feast. You might also get a chance to enjoy the delicious hāngī-steamed pudding for dessert.

Fish and Chips
Fish and Chips is a bonafide Kiwi favorite that is best enjoyed while sitting on a New Zealand beach on a balmy summer evening. The most common types of fish used are freshly caught snapper, tarakihi, and hoki, which are then battered and deep-fried. Squid rings and scallops are also often included as part of this diet. Fish and chips are delicious when accompanied with a beer or two and are available pretty much everywhere in New Zealand.

For many generations, the Kiwis have enjoyed eating fish and chips. There are many ways to prepare this meal. However, the most important method involves deep frying fresh seafood and battering it lightly with wedged potatoes before seasoning with salt.

Sweets and candies
The chocolate fish has been a long-time Kiwi favorite. For those with a sweet tooth, the marshmallow fish coated in chocolate is a favorite Kiwi candy. Another favorite New Zealand treat is the pineapple lump. This is a chocolate-coated square pineapple that has been consumed in New Zealand for more than a century.

Every Kiwi lolly jar includes a Jaffa, a hard-coated orange flavored candy with a chocolate center known as the Jaffa. This treat is so famous that it is part of the annual Cadbury Chocolate Carnival where thousands of Jaffas race along Dunedin's Baldwin Street which is the world's steepest street.

Good ice cream, especially hokey pokey (creamy vanilla ice cream with pieces of honeycomb) is one dessert Kiwis are passionate about. Pavlova is a popular dish at many family Christmases.

Cheese and Wine
New Zealand is the home of award-winning cheese and wines. The country has several world-class cheese making companies and is famous for creamy soft cheeses, blue cheese, and delicious vintages. Puhoi Valley, Kapiti, and Whitestone are some of the top brands to savor. In addition, New Zealand has produced some of the rarest wines in the world. Visiting the country gives visitors the chance to savor a nice glass of Pinot Noir, light and mouth-filling Merlot, and Sauvignon Blanc.


L&P stands for Lemon and Paeroa. It is a soft drink that was manufactured in New Zealand’s and is now owned by Coca-Cola. There is a huge bottle shaped factory in Paeroa where L&P was born; you can even visit it and enjoy a cold bottle while inside the huge bottle.

Apple Cider
Apple cider is very popular in New Zealand. Most New Zealanders say the paler the cider, the better. Hence, when in any bar in New Zealand make sure to order a pale cider and chances are you will have a good pint.

Mulled Cider
This cider is made with spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. It is best enjoyed in winter.

Slushy Cider
The complete opposite of mulled cider, this slushy cider is a frosty solution for a hot and humid day.

Speight’s Beer
Speight’s was established in Dunedin in 1876 and has been New Zealand's number one beer ever since. Visit one of Speight’s alehouses for complementing food and beer/cider combinations that will make your New Zealand experience memorable.

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