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Portugal > Articles


How To Find A Property Management Agency In Portugal

Monday March 25, 2019 (18:49:35)

Every year, thousands of people purchase property in Portugal. After all, with friendly local people, warm summers and incredible landscapes, what’s not to love?   more ...

Portugal > Articles


How Does Cardiac Care In Portugal Compare With Other Expat Destinations?

Thursday January 24, 2019 (20:53:30)

In 2016, the world’s leading cause of death was ischemic heart disease, an illness which affected people across all locations and income brackets. However, in Portugal, a country that’s bathed with sunlight for most of the year and boasts 850 kilometres of Atlantic Ocean beaches, these figures were relatively low.   more ...

Portugal > Articles


Interview With Jacqueline Silva, Director, Eden Montessori School

Thursday January 24, 2019 (14:41:25)

Jacqueline, you're the Director of Eden Montessori school in Albufeira. Tell us about your role: what does a typical day in your life look like?

My day starts with welcoming children and parents at 8:45am. to start their school day. We head straight to the classroom for our morning Montessori three-hour ‘work’ period. During this time I guide the children into working on individual learning materials with the help of my classroom assistant.   more ...

Portugal > Articles


Cancer Care In Portugal: What You Need To Know

Monday December 10, 2018 (13:04:03)

Medical tourism brings thousands of visitors to new countries every year, with cosmetic surgery and dentistry often being the most popular reasons to travel for your health. However, whilst many actively seek out healthcare in advance, what do you do when you’re already living in another country and are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness?   more ...

Portugal > Articles


How Long Does It Take To Become Fluent In Portuguese?

Wednesday October 10, 2018 (14:01:09)

This is a question that every new learner of the language tends to ask themselves before they begin.

After all, timelines are important. They help us to set targets, stay on track and ensure we meet our goals by a specific date. Which, if you’re learning a new language because you’re relocating, can be incredibly important. However, the answer isn’t that simple, as the time it takes will depend on the time you have and the environment your learning takes place in.   more ...

Portugal > Articles


Getting Your Atestado De Residência in Portugal

Wednesday October 03, 2018 (11:26:32)

Obtaining an ‘Atestado De Residência’ in Portugal is the process of gathering proof that you reside in the country. This is a process that can strike fear into the calmest of people, since gaining proof of residency in any country can be confusing and challenging, especially when there isn’t much information available online; however, it doesn’t have to be that way!   more ...

Portugal > Articles


Staying Healthy In Cascais: A Guide To Local Gyms, Health Clubs And Sports Groups

Wednesday September 05, 2018 (16:38:44)

Chances are, if you’re anything like me, living in Portugal will mean you’ll have a lot of pastel de nata that you’ll be needing to burn off! Even if that’s not the case, exercise is great for your health, energy and overall wellbeing. It also gets you out and about – it’s a brilliant way to start learning your way around your new home, and can be a powerful social tool, helping you meet like-minded people and start building friendships and networking circles. So, we’ve put together this guide to help you find great ways to keep fit in your new home.   more ...

Portugal > Articles


Why Portugal Is The Best Location For Women In Tech

Monday July 23, 2018 (10:54:58)

Take away the expansive ocean views, the coastal cliff edges and the bustling cities that Portugal is renowned for, and the country is left with… well, still quite a lot, really! And it’s not just the pastéis de nata or port that we’re talking about.   more ...

Portugal > Articles


A Guide To Renting An Apartment In Lisbon

Monday April 30, 2018 (09:14:16)

Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, boasts a mix of traditional architecture and contemporary culture.

The subtropical climate (the average temperature in winter is 14C), relatively cheap cost of living, vibrant nightlife and easy access to the stunning beaches of the Algarve all make Lisbon a very attractive place to settle. Few places in Europe can equal its mix of history, urban charm and waterside scenery, and that’s why Lisbon has become one of the most popular locations for expats looking to relocate to Portugal. The current population exceeds 500,000 people in the city, and if we include the surrounding areas, that number increases to approximately 2.7 million.   more ...

Portugal > Articles


Renovating Rural Property In Portugal – 10 Tips For First-Time Buyers

Thursday March 08, 2018 (09:06:43)

Boasting a pleasant climate, friendly locals and low rural property prices, Portugal is an attractive proposition for those dreaming of a renovation project. However, this isn’t a task for the faint-hearted. Here are our tips for carrying out your restoration as smoothly as possible!

Define Your Reasons For The Project

Despite a third of Portuguese families living in rural locations, the countryside is littered with houses, small holdings and agricultural buildings that are either stuck in the 1970s or completely derelict. If you can head away from the popular – and more expensive! – south coast, you’ll find plenty of properties on sale for just a few thousand Euros in the north and interior of the country.   more ...