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Property Locations

Spain - Property Locations

When considering property locations in Spain, most expats will head for one of the Costa regions. These all have their own advantages and disadvantages but if you do choose this option you will find yourself in the same area as other expats. Expats do not really have their own communities as such although some new developments in tourist areas have been designed with expats or second-home owners in mind.

The Costa Brava helps to link Spain to France and is a good choice for those who want a less touristy area to live in. The region does get a lot of tourists but has not yet become as commercial as regions which can be found further south. The area has many medieval villages and is ideal for those who want to experience the traditional Spanish lifestyle. It is seen as one of Spain’s wealthier regions and there are many larger houses to be found there. It is easy to take a trip into France from here. Until recently property prices were rising steadily but they have now slowed in response to the economic issues.

The Costa Dorada can be found south of Tarragona and this is an area which has not seen much development when compared with other areas, so is another good option for those who are looking for tradition in their new life in Spain. Winters in this region are fairly short and stay mild, so it is a good move for those who are looking for a better climate. Property prices remain relatively low in the region.

The Costa Blanca is a very popular destination with UK expats. It is considered that there are more than 30,000 in this region alone. Part of the reason for this is that there are many cheap properties which were built solely to attract foreign buyers, particularly in the southern part of the region. The areas to the north of Benidorm are considered to be more upmarket, although property prices in the region have dipped in recent years.

The Costa Calida is the region which supplies a great deal of fruit and vegetables to Europe. Apart from the La Manga area there has not been a great deal of development in this region. There are growing numbers of UK expats making their homes in the inland areas around Lorca and Mula and it is possible to get an already refurbished house for a fairly low price. In many areas the locals do not speak English, so this region is really for those who are prepared to learn the language.

The Costa Almeria is one of the main areas in which to find British expats, who are attracted to the good weather and the lower property prices. The towns in this area are not tourist towns so they do not shut down out of season.

The Costa del Sol is probably one of the main destinations for expats from all over the world. There are areas of the region which are out of the financial reach of the ordinary expat such as parts of Marbella, although the development of the region as a tourist destination has ensured that there are developments which are much more affordable. The region is well known as the playground for the rich and those who are interested in sports such as golf and water sports will find that there is plenty for them.

The Costa de la Luz is in the western part of Andalusia and attracts those who enjoy water sports rather than lying on a beach or by the pool. Property prices are higher than on some of the other Costas but this is considered to be a trendy area and many expats will choose to make their home in the city of Seville.

The Costa Verde (literally ‘the green coast’) can be found on the northwest coast. Rainfall is higher in this region so it may not be ideal for those who are sun-lovers but the winters are relatively mild and much better than in the UK. There has not been the mass tourism that has been seen in the other Costa regions. Properties are still priced fairly low in this region.

Cities in Spain such as Madrid and Barcelona are popular with those who are moving to the country to work, as there are more opportunities there. There are no real expat communities to be found there although each is home to a large number of expats from all over the world.

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Read more about this country

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