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Sport and Fitness

Spain - Sport and Fitness

Spain is well known for having some top class football clubs; they have also in recent years won the World Cup for the first time ever. Basketball is also an extremely popular sport around the country although it is not quite as popular as football.

Spain has some of the most high profile teams in the whole of football. Real Madrid and Barcelona are both popular clubs for some of the top UK players to transfer to. The season starts in September and usually ends in May. Each week, millions of Spaniards watch the football matches on television and several hundred thousand attend the live games in the stadiums. When the larger teams are playing each other this can help to create an electrifying atmosphere in the stadiums which sports fans cannot get enough of. The Spanish league games take place at weekends whereas European matches and other cup games can often take place mid-week. Ticket prices to a football match can depend on which club you are wishing to go and watch, the larger clubs often charging more and even higher charges depending on how important the match is. A cup final match will cost much more than a friendly between two local teams for example.

Basketball season in Spain starts in September and ends in June and the country has 18 teams who participate in games in the Spanish National League. The teams are usually tied to the big name football clubs and so also go by the names of Barcelona and Real Madrid for example. There are several growing sports in Spain too. Cycling is becoming more popular as a pastime, as are golf and tennis. As the Spanish sportsmen and women are seeing additional successes in their field then this sparks more interest in these events. This is particularly so when the wins are at an international level.

Motor sports are also popular as well and can draw in big crowds. The Formula One races have a track close to the city of Barcelona. The downside to following the Formula One racing and wanting to be a spectator at the live event is the fact that the tickets can be very expensive. It is commonplace to be paying around €350.00 for a ticket. It is possible to buy cheaper tickets but they must be booked well in advance of race day.

Golfing is a popular sport now and not just the reserve of those with plenty of leisure time such as retired people. Golfing holidays are available and in Spain there are many first class golf courses. Fair weather players will find it is possible to play golf all year round in Spain as the temperature stays mild even in winter months in many areas. There are golf courses to suit all budgets and many now have developments of housing on or near the golf courses to attract golfing enthusiasts to live in the area permanently.

Even though when most people think of Spain they think of sunny climates and beaches, it is also possible to enjoy your leisure time skiing in Spain too. Spain can attract skiers form all over the world as it is a lot less commercialised than some ski resorts in France, Austria and Switzerland, therefore the prices are reasonable making it more affordable for more people. There are around 20 skiing resorts to choose form in Spain including the Sierra Nevada resort of Pradollano. It is the most southerly located of Europe’s ski resorts and it is possible to ski and sunbathe all in the same day. Malaga airport is also a reasonable driving distance away so it is possible to fly with low cost airlines making the whole holiday package more affordable.

For those who would rather holiday in Northern Spain but still want to take advantage of some ski time, the there are many resorts located in the Pyrenees. Although these resorts are not as easily accessible, once there the amazing scenery will make the journey worthwhile. There are ski slopes suitable for all abilities from complete novice to experienced skiers. There are also several smaller resorts for those who want to enjoy their skiing in a quiet and laid back style, with no night clubs or black ski runs. Skiing lessons are available in almost all resorts and for all ages.

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