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Property Locations

Thailand - Property Locations

Thailand is becoming a popular expat destination due to the low cost of living and there are several areas of the country which are a magnet for expats.

The tourist area of Phuket is one of the most popular areas and there are large numbers of expats there. Expats do not really have their own communities, although there are developments which are aimed at the expat market, so if you opt for one of these you are more likely to have fellow expats as neighbours than if you opted for a traditional village home. Phuket is actually an island and it is the largest one off the coast of Thailand. Benefits of choosing Phuket include an international hospital, an international school, easy commute to the mainland and good facilities such as supermarkets. The downside to Phuket is the property prices, which have risen a great deal in recent years.

Bangkok is the largest urban development in Thailand and is home to more than 10 million people. There are both old and new parts to the city and it is attractive for expats who are coming to the country to work, as there are many international businesses based there and plenty of work opportunities. While there are many modern aspects to the city, it will appeal to those who want to experience the traditional Thai lifestyle. The pavements are filled everyday with stalls and people working at sewing, cooking and other crafts. Property in some areas is very cheap, although rental property in the city is harder to come by. Popular areas with expats include the Sathorn district, the Central Business District and Sukhumvit Road.

The second largest city in Thailand is Chiang Mai and this is appealing to expats as it has not been modernized as much as Bangkok, although the edges of the city are much newer than the centre. The area is ideal for those who are looking for a slower pace of life and who are interested in traditional crafts and outdoor pursuits.

The Isaan Province is located in the north-east of Thailand and Udon Thani is the largest city there. The region has more expats than Phuket, but there are no beaches to enjoy. It is a mainly rural region although the city has an airport with connections to Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Many of the expats are American, and some have been there since the days of the Vietnam war, as there was a US air base in the region. Expats are drawn to this area thanks to the very low cost of living but there are many attractions for expats, including golf courses, bowling alleys and gyms. New developments are being carried out just a few miles from Udon Thani’s city centre and this is a common area for expats based in Bangkok to purchase a holiday home. Properties to buy and rent are very cheap in this region.

Another island destination which is popular with expats is Koh Samui. It is the country’s third largest island and is primarily a holiday destination, although a number of expats working in the travel industry or who are retired are choosing to make a home there. The island has all the amenities that are needed, from shops to leisure facilities, although due to the popularity of the destination the property prices are high. There are some new developments in the area which have been marketed at expats and second home owners.

Pattaya is another holiday destination which is proving to be attractive for those who are looking for a new life. It is less than 100 miles away from Bangkok and it is a very busy resort all year round, mainly because of its infamous red light districts. However, there are many expats living there for other reasons. Property prices have risen and are continuing to rise, so the area is ideal for those interested in an investment property and new flight connections to and from Bangkok will ensure a steady stream of visitors. Rental properties are in demand in the area and there are several international companies choosing to relocate there from Bangkok, thus creating work opportunities. Properties range from the luxurious to the basic, so there are prices to suit all budgets. The Jomtien area, on the outskirts of Pattaya, is very popular with British, Russian and Scandinavian expats.

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