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Trinidad and Tobago - Living

Trinidad and Tobago

Fun Activities For Expat Kids In Trinidad And Tobago

Posted by: Scar on Friday February 16, 2018 (11:53:09)   (1967 Reads)
Moving to Trinidad and Tobago will be a big adventure; there are fun things for all the family to do there.    more ...
Trinidad and Tobago

An Expat Guide To Food And Drink In Trinidad And Tobago

Posted by: Scar on Friday November 10, 2017 (14:50:15)   (1434 Reads)
The twin archipelagic states of Trinidad and Tobago are located in the North Atlantic Ocean in the Caribbean, and share maritime boundaries with places such as Barbados, Guyana, Grenada and Venezuela. Tourists from all around the world head to this popular destination for sun, sand and good times.    more ...
Trinidad and Tobago

An Expat Guide To Retiring In Trinidad And Tobago

Posted by: Scar on Friday September 08, 2017 (09:14:53)   (5112 Reads)
Retiring abroad is on the minds of many a potential expat. With the world becoming a smaller place, and with upgrades in travel and communication everyday, retiring abroad is easier than ever before. It is however a huge step - one that requires careful planning and research.    more ...
Trinidad and Tobago

An Expat Guide To Local Cultural Activities In Trinidad & Tobago

Posted by: Scar on Friday July 21, 2017 (14:30:57)   (1410 Reads)
(c) mmorgan8186 on Flickr
Trinidad and Tobago is made up of a blend of different cultures that have their roots in Africa, the Middle East, India, China and Europe. The local culture is also influenced by the Native Americans. The diversity of these islands is apparent in the various religions that co-exist there.

In Trinidad and Tobago, expats will find churches, temples and mosques existing beside each other. Each culture contributes to the islands’ identity and e ...    more ...
Trinidad and Tobago

Why Trinidad And Tobago Is A Great Retirement Destination For Expats

Posted by: Scar on Wednesday June 28, 2017 (14:48:00)   (1738 Reads)
(c) cheesy42 on Flickr
Trinidad and Tobago is often thought to be a single destination, but they are actually two islands that are quite different from each other. The main difference is the size of the islands. Trinidad, the larger of the two, is the fifth largest island in the West Indies atnd is 1833 square miles. Tobago is a small island measuring just 116 square miles, and with a population of 60,874 in 2011. Trinidad has a population of 1300,000. English is the s ...    more ...