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Turkey - Living


Interview With Anastasia M. Ashman and Jennifer Eaton Gokmen, Istanbul-based American editors of Tales from the Expat Harem

Posted by: scar on Tuesday November 24, 2015 (16:09:58)   (1758 Reads)
Anastasia Ashman
This expatriate literature project, an internationally bestselling anthology by foreign women in modern Turkey, has been praised by everyone from diplomats to professors, top travel publications like National Geographic Traveler and Lonely Planet, and major global newspapers like Canada's Globe & Mail, the UK's Daily Telegraph, and the International Herald Tribune in Paris.    more ...

What To Do If You're Arrested In Turkey

Posted by: scar on Friday July 10, 2015 (23:48:20)   (5517 Reads)
Image © Seany2000 on Flickr
Turkey is a culturally rich country with a modern character. Human habitation in this region dates back more than 25,000 years, and the first temple in the world was built here during Neolithic times. Today it is known for its multi-religious heritage and cosmopolitan society.

Turkey is a relatively safe country and most expats do not face any problems during their stay. If you find yourself in trouble with the law in Turkey, here’s what yo ...    more ...

Preparing For The Climate In Turkey

Posted by: Carole on Monday April 06, 2015 (22:19:56)   (1707 Reads)
With its location primarily in the temperate zone in Western Asia and Southeastern Europe, most expats expect Turkey to have a temperate climate. However, the country extends across a reasonably large area (783,562 square kilometers) of very diverse landscape, with mountains, plateaus, and coastal areas, surrounded by seas on three sides, and with the Sea of Marmara inside its borders, along with several straits, lakes, and rivers. As a result, t ...    more ...

5 Great Golf Courses For Expats In Turkey

Posted by: Carole on Saturday March 07, 2015 (06:17:25)   (2179 Reads)
Turkey has long been viewed by tourists and expats alike as some exotic Middle Eastern location that has been the traditional bridge between east and west. While it truly is an beautiful, exotic land, there is a lot more to Turkey than its rich cultural heritage and history. While Turkey’s culture, kebabs and mosques do draw a lot of tourists to the country, many choose to stay on or return as expats because of the lifestyle and, more important ...    more ...

Dealing With Culture Shock In Turkey - Some Advice For New Expats

Posted by: Carole on Sunday January 18, 2015 (05:00:03)   (4566 Reads)
Turkey’s unique geographic position hasn’t just made it a historic bridge between East and West, it has also helped shape a distinctive culture that blends the traditions and values of both East and West. Most of Turkey’s population is Islamic, but its people are quite different from what stereotypical perceptions of Middle Eastern or Islamic countries would lead you to expect. Turkey in many ways defines multi-cultural societies and its po ...    more ...

5 Foods You Must Try When Living In Turkey

Posted by: Carole on Wednesday October 22, 2014 (02:17:45)   (1775 Reads)
From aromatic home-cooked stews to spicy kebabs, Turkey’s culinary heritage is a blend of varied influences. The flavors that arose from the kitchens of the Ottoman court continue to inspire Turkish cooking today, as do the cooking methods and tastes of the many ethnic communities and cultures that have inhabited the land over the years. While there are many delectable delights in store for anyone who makes a culinary journey through the countr ...    more ...