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Renting Property

Turkey - Renting Property

Foreign investors have recently been streaming into Turkey’s property market. This has resulted in the creation of various facilities such as golf courses and resorts. For an investor to buy property in Turkey, the government requires that the investor’s home government allow Turkish citizens to legally be able to buy property there. This law is simple for investors to comply with compared with the stringent rules governing property ownership in other countries.

A property's costs in Turkey is determined by the property’s location and the quality of construction.

Foreigners purchase property according to their interests. For instance, some expats buy properties in Istanbul because it is a business center and a cultural hub. On the other hand, many expats purchase properties on the southern, western and coastal regions of Turkey because of their scenic surroundings.


This is one of the biggest cities in Europe, with a population of 12.6 million people. The city is a good spot for business, culture, and nightlife. Finding property for sale in the city is not difficult. However, finding a well-maintained property at a good price too is not easy. In addition, some communities are a bit distant from the cities, hence unsuitable for expats.

In the cities, people price property differently. Therefore, you should do thorough research when looking for a property.

Southern Mediterranean Coast

There are many flats and villas available for sale in this part of Turkey. Small houses are also available for sale. Beware of properties owned by co-operatives. In co-operatives, several people team up to build properties. The problem with properties associated with co-operatives is that they are often poorly built or maintained. In addition, when you buy these properties, you will end up having temporary rights just like a tenant, since no one owns these homes individually.

Other regions

Expats can find affordable properties for sale in lesser-known towns and villages in Turkey. The advantages of such properties is that they are often cheaper. However, it is important to research thoroughly before purchasing one.

Property prices in Turkey

Properties for sale in Turkey have different price ranges, hence it is difficult to state an exact price. It may be expensive to buy property in areas that expats prefer because sellers sell these properties at a higher rate. Research property prices in various neighborhoods before making a purchase decision.

Challenges of property ownership

Some tips to circumvent potential issues include:

• Ensure you can read the contract before signing it. Get a translation if necessary. In addition, get a copy of the seller and the real estate agent’s ID.
• Hire a qualified property advocate. They will help you to search for the property you need. Hire a lawyer who can speak your language to act as your advisor. This may help you save significant amounts of money.
• Let the lawyer look at your documents and contracts before making payments.
• Use an independent property agent to value your desired property. Their expertise and insights can help you bargain and protect you from fraudsters.

How do you find your dream property in Turkey?

Walk around in the location you want to buy property. Check for signs stuck on the window stating that the house is on sale. Walking through the area will help you get a better idea of the neighborhood. It will also help you negotiate a better deal with the owner.

Turkish Real Estate Agents You can either buy a house through the owner or through a real estate agent. Both the buyer and seller pay the agent on commission. Negotiate at least a 3 percent commission of the value of your property. Ensure that the agent has permission to sell the house to you.

Avoid working with agents who do not have details of the property you wish to buy. Agents who lack detailed information about the property are only interested in getting a commission.

The buying process

Buying a house in Turkey is easy. You will acquire a deed document from the District Land Registry that establishes you as the property’s owner. Work with your lawyer to develop a sales contract.

Three contracts are usually involved in a property purchase:

• Contract of reservation
• Preliminary contract
• Full contract

As the name suggests, a reservation contract reserves a property for a certain buyer. A preliminary contract is designed to determine the price of the property. A full contract states all the details of the property transaction, including the buyer and the agreed purchase price, among others.

Your property lawyer should help you come up with the contract. Ensure that the contract is legal before signing it. In addition, make copies of the contract as well as other relevant documents.

Military permission

You cannot receive a deed without permission from the military. The seller should get this permit for you before you agree on the payment mode. When making applications for this permit, the officer involved checks your criminal record and the property’s location. It takes 2-4 months to receive military permission.

Obtain a Tapu A deed becomes valid once you obtain a tapu. You should have the previous owner’s deed, electricity, gas, telephone, and water registration papers to receive the deed fully. Include four passport photos. After acquiring the tapu, you can sell the property like any other property owner in Turkey.

Additional property costs

You will have to pay any tax debts on the property you intend to purchase. Ensure that the seller has receipts for past payments. In addition, you can draft a clause in the contract to protect you from paying the previous owner’s balances. Tax rates for both residents and foreigners are equal.

Anyone who owns land must pay property tax. The higher the value of the property, the more property tax you will pay and vice versa. In addition, you will be required to pay VAT and capital gains tax when selling the property.

If you own property, you will have to pay property tax once per year. The belediye (town hall) collects the property tax. Your municipality determines how much you will pay (known as ‘nominal value’). This tax does not go beyond 0.3% of the property value.

Property Insurance

This can be either compulsory or optional. Compulsory insurance helps to protect you from loss in case your property is damaged by an earthquake. Non-compulsory insurance, including fire and theft insurance, covers other aspects of your property.

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