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United Arab Emirates - Living

United Arab Emirates

Alternatives To Skype For Expats In The UAE

Posted by: Scar on Monday May 27, 2019 (08:08:52)   (40 Reads)
Maintaining relationships with family and close friends is often a tricky path to navigate when moving abroad. Coffee mornings, pub lunches, birthday celebrations and family barbecues are invariably replaced, somewhat inadequately, by Skype video calls and WhatsApp group chats. However, expats in the United Arab Emirates are now suffering further setbacks in familial communications with the recent banning of Microsoft-owned Skype, causing frustra ...    more ...
United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi: A Guide To The City For LGBT+ Expats

Posted by: Scar on Monday December 17, 2018 (10:42:33)   (561 Reads)
Transformed nearly overnight from sleepy coastal towns to glimmering metropoli by oil money, the United Arab Emirates have developed their economy in large part by spending generously on international talent. A large majority of the people living in the UAE at any given moment are non-citizens on temporary permits for work, and the United Arab Emirates have cemented their reputation as a place for the young and mobile to make money they can bring ...    more ...
United Arab Emirates

Moving To Dubai With Children? Take A Look At Our Guide To School Fees

Posted by: Scar on Thursday August 18, 2016 (11:06:53)   (5030 Reads)
(c) goodfreephotos.com
Dubai is often described as a place of superlatives. This melting pot of cultures has gained a lot of popularity as an expat destination in the last few decades. Foreigners from all across the globe are moving to this fast-developing emirate with their families as there is so much to see and do.

The UAE has been attracting students of all ages from various countries, primarily because its education system is among the best in the world.    more ...
United Arab Emirates

Interview With Nick Digby, Echo-Xpats (Dubai)

Posted by: scar on Friday November 20, 2015 (15:15:14)   (1941 Reads)
Nick Digby
Nick Digby is the founder of Echo-Xpats ( ), a Dubai based company established in 2005 delivering relocation services to individuals and corporations throughout the region. Nick is also one of the forum leaders in our .

Expat Focus: Nick, can you tell us a bit about your background and how Echo-Xpats came into being? ...    more ...
United Arab Emirates

Ten Basic Phrases In Arabic For Expats Moving To The UAE

Posted by: scar on Friday July 31, 2015 (13:20:40)   (6447 Reads)
Image © Keith Parker on Flickr
The UAE is one of those places where knowing the local language is not terribly important for expats. Even for expats who are eager and willing, there just isn’t much opportunity – you might somehow begin to learn the language, but you’ll find there’s almost no one to practice with. For most expats, interaction with the locals is minimal, and when it comes to languages, formal training alone, without any real-life practice, doesn’t get ...    more ...
United Arab Emirates

5 Foods You Must Try When Living In The UAE

Posted by: Carole on Sunday January 25, 2015 (02:52:15)   (2841 Reads)
The UAE is a land of striking contrasts. It is both deeply traditional, and also incredibly modern. On one hand, it sits in the midst of the dessert, but it does also have a spectacular coastline. The one other thing that makes this destination stand out is the cuisine. Laden with Middle Eastern traditions that date back centuries, the local food here is simply cooked, but packed with character and flavor. Here are 5 foods you really must try whe ...    more ...
United Arab Emirates

Make The Most Of Your Time In The UAE – 5 Things To Try Before Returning Home

Posted by: Carole on Saturday August 02, 2014 (01:59:26)   (2809 Reads)
The UAE has come a long way from the desert it was once regarded as. In fact, this country is known to create history with its underwater hotels, spinning skyscrapers and manmade islands. It isn’t just the tourists who are attracted to the UAE; thousands of expats from Europe and the US move to this country each year, lured by its luxurious lifestyle. Moreover, there is a lot to do and see in the UAE. Therefore, it is best that you make the mos ...    more ...
United Arab Emirates

5 Expat Clubs In The UAE You Should Consider Joining

Posted by: Carole on Tuesday June 03, 2014 (03:56:14)   (4271 Reads)
Joining a club or group in a new country is a way to make the most of your expat life. These clubs, founded with various aims in mind, are a great way to connect with people from your home country and keep familiar traditions alive, while integrating into the new culture at the same time. The UAE is an expat hub and there are many clubs and societies to cater to the interests and welfare of its rising expat population. Here are 5 expat clubs in t ...    more ...
United Arab Emirates

Moving To The UAE - What To Expect As A New Expat

Posted by: Carole on Wednesday April 30, 2014 (18:26:00)   (3215 Reads)
The United Arab Emirates has always been popular with expats, and many of them are drawn to places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi because of the lucrative business and investment opportunities available here. The UAE also has a liberal culture compared to its neighbors in the Middle East, and expats find it easier to adapt to the lifestyle here. Here’s what new expats can expect when moving to the UAE.

Tax-free salaries

One of the most popula ...    more ...
United Arab Emirates

5 Great Golf Courses For Expats In The United Arab Emirates

Posted by: Carole on Wednesday March 26, 2014 (05:08:57)   (2210 Reads)
Golf has gained a great deal of popularity in the UAE and there are many top-quality courses across the region. UAE also hosts a European Tour golf tournament called the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship, held in January every year since 2006. The UAE has even played host to the World Sand Golf Championship in the past. Here are five of the best golf courses in the UAE.

Yas Links, Yas Island

Yas Island is a 6,000 acre multi-billion dollar ...    more ...