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Finding Employment

United Arab Emirates (UAE) - Finding Employment

The UAE is a competitive destination for finding employment. Expats from all over the world enjoy the great benefits offered by the UAE job market. The expat community, safe environment, and lifestyle with numerous opportunities make it a popular location.

The UAE was recently voted as the top destination to work and live in the Middle East. The survey highlights Dubai and Abu Dhabi as the most highly considered cities when it comes to finding job opportunities.

Abu Dhabi tops the list when it comes to labor rights, social security systems, termination rights, health insurance, and end of service benefits. Dubai is the best in terms of job availability, career growth, competitive salaries, benefits given to working parents and holiday allowances. Sharjah on the other hand has the most affordable housing.

Whichever city you settle in, it is important to plan your job search in advance. The length of a job search can vary from three to six months and is often determined by various factors such as your career level or target industry. As you organize your search, it is important to research the market. Before you decide to move, find out all you can about the job you are after.

Normally, employers take a while before they review job applications. Apply at least a month before you travel to the UAE. Update the contact information on your CV as soon as you arrive and continue applying for jobs. By regularly updating your CV, you are giving employers the chance to find you. Include target industries, career highlights, targeted job roles, and key skills in your CV.

Create an online profile that has a personalized link. This allows employers to find you using search engines such as Google. Your profile also acts as your business card and enables you to create connections and have professionals endorse your skills. At the same time, it is important to network. It is difficult to network when you are new to a city so use job fairs as an opportunity for this. You will get to meet employers and even have interviews with company representatives. Informational interviews are a great way to increase your network.

When you get to the city of your choice in the UAE, send follow up emails to the companies you sent applications to previously. Inform them that you are available for interviews and that you would love to schedule a meeting with them.

Foreigners have various resources where they can search for jobs. Sites such as Gulf Talent, Jobs in Dubai, Bayt, Jobs Abu Dhabi, Monster Gulf, Dubizzle, and Naukri are great online resources for job searching in the UAE. Many of the job listings on these sites are suitable for expats and they promise career growth. Some people opt for English teaching jobs since they are also in high demand.

The recruitment process in Dubai varies from those in Western countries. Understanding what employers in Dubai are looking for can increase your chances of getting the job. Companies often hire recruitment agencies to match them with a qualified person, especially for top management jobs. Some firms are also willing to hire international candidates and cater for all their travel and accommodation expenses. Many companies use video conferencing and phone calls to interview potential candidates.

Office assistant and receptionist positions are often filled by expats who are already in the UAE. UAE labor law insists that a hiring company has to pay all expenses related to the recruitment process.

The cost of living in Dubai is high and staying there without a source of income is difficult. Ensure you either have people who are ready to host you or start applying for jobs before you travel to Dubai. The job market in Dubai is quite competitive and it is important to ensure that your CV is professionally written before sending it out to potential employers.

There are different ways to look for jobs in Dubai and the job search process you choose will be determined by the type of job you want. If you know some of the companies that serve your industry, go through their websites. Most institutions have a career section where job vacancies and information regarding the application process are posted.

Recruitment agencies often market potential candidates using their online professional profiles. The higher the salary offered by the employers, the more money a recruitment agency makes once a candidate is hired through the agency. Therefore, it is in the best interests of the recruitment agency to match you with a well paying job. To increase your chances of getting a job, register with a recruitment agency that specializes in your industry.

Make a call and ask to be connected with the recruiter that handles your job field. It is common to find agencies that have a specific recruiter that handles administrative jobs or finance jobs. It is illegal for a recruitment company to ask you for an upfront fee to forward your profile to potential recruiters.

Cold calling is another common way to look for jobs in UAE. This involves calling a company and asking if they have a job vacancy. For this process to be effective, prepare a sales pitch before you make the call. Alternatively, you can first connect with people who work in the company you are targeting through various online platforms like LinkedIn.

Using your personal networks is a great way to find employment in Dubai. Mention to your friends, associates, and family that you are looking for a job. You can also ask them to vouch for you if they work in a company you are targeting. By using your networks, you are kept in the loop when there is a job vacancy.

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