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United Arab Emirates (UAE) - Visas

It is important to ensure you have a valid visa before you travel to the UAE. The requirements for holders of non- standard passports also tend to vary. Since April 29, 2016, GCC resident permit holders are expected to apply for a visa before arriving in Dubai. As from May 1, 2017 Indian nationals with passports valid for at least six months from the day they arrived in Dubai can get a temporary two-week visa upon arrival. They can also extend their stay for an extra two weeks.

Residents of some countries are issued a visa upon arrival. All that is required is for you to head to immigration once you reach Dubai International Airport. The passport will then be stamped, and you get a 30-day free visa. Some nations stamp multiple 90 days visit that is valid for six months from the issued date, with a total of a 90-day visit. Such countries can also apply for a paid pre-arranged temporary visa at the end of the 90 days.

If your country is among those that require a prearranged UAE visa, you can apply for it online via emirates.com. If you have a stopover in Dubai, you can submit an application online. This means that you do not have to give your passport for stamping. After booking your Emirates flight, you can also apply for your UAE visa. The online application services are available to most nations. An applicant needs to have had the passport for at least six months before the travel date. In addition, the passport should be machine readable and not handwritten.

The service is readily available to passengers that have a confirmed Emirates booking and have already been issued with a ticket together with a flight itinerary. The itinerary in and out of the country is usually on one ticket and the flights should be specifically Emirates flights. If the itinerary has any flight going into and out of Dubai using other carriers then it is not eligible for the online visa processing service. With this visa service, you can get a 96 hour, 30 day, or 90 day visa. People who have family members who are UAE residents can apply for the visa on their behalf.

Types of Visa

Tourist Visa
This can be valid for 14 to 30 days of entry depending on the duration chosen. For this visa, you will require prearrangement from a hotel or a tour operator company. The required documents include travel insurance and a passport copy of the sponsor, which in this case is the tour operator. Fees include an AED 210 e-DNRD fees, AED 220 e-form fees, and a refundable AED 1000 deposit.

Visit Visa
This type of visa is for tourists who would like to spend more than 14 days in the UAE or those coming to visit or conduct business. One requires sponsorship from a UAE resident, company or a hotel operating in the UAE. Expatriates who would like to sponsor relatives need to have a refundable guarantee.

Long-term Visit Visa
For individuals, one needs an E-form application that has a clear photo of the sponsored person, which should be signed, stamped, and approved by the sponsor. The required documents are a passport copy of the sponsor, passport copy of the sponsored individual, proof of family relationship, and a copy of the employment contract of the resident. One is required to pay an e-DNRD fee of AED1110, an e-form fee of AED 1120 fee, and a deposit fee of AED 1000, which are refundable when the sponsored person leaves. For companies, the document requirements and fees are the same except for the fact that the firm needs to provide a copy of the establishment card.

Short Term Visa
An E-form application fee has to be filled in and paid, and an approved, stamped, and signed photo of the sponsored person needs to be attached. Other required documents include copies of the sponsor and sponsored person’s passports, a copy of the sponsor's salary certificate, travel insurance, and proof of relationship. The sponsor needs to pay a fee of AED 610n e-DNRD fee, an e-form fee of AED 620, and a refundable deposit of AED 1000.

For a company short-term visa, the requirements are similar except for the fact that the company has to provide a copy of the establishment card.

Multiple-Entry Visa
Visitors aboard cruise ships are offered multiple entry visas because their cruise schedules include entering the country more than once. It is also given to businesspeople linked to local reputable companies or multinationals who frequent the UAE. The visa is valid for six months from the issue date with a stay of 30 days each time. It has a non-renewable validity, and the visa costs AED 1000.The visitor needs to enter UAE with a visit visa to obtain the multiple entry visa stamped in the passport.

US Citizen UAE entry Visa
Businesspeople and tourists from the US can apply for a multiple entry one year to ten year visa. The visa is free though they need a sponsor. They can stay in the country for six months per year.

German citizen entry visa
Tourists and business people from Germany can apply for visas for either one or two years. They do not require a sponsor and they can stay for three months per year. The visa costs AED 1500.

Mission Visa
This is given to highly qualified individuals and businesspeople and it is valid for 14 days. Applying for the visa requires a passport copy from the sponsor and travel insurance. Charges for this visa include AED 320 for the e-form fee and an AED refundable deposit fee of AED 1000.

Student Visa
The sponsor needs to be a licensed educational institution in the UAE that is recognized by the ministry of higher education. A photo of the sponsored person that has been stamped and signed must be attached to the E-form application. The required documents include travel insurance, copy of the trade license, passport copy of the sponsor, and copy of the establishment card. The charges include an e-DNRD fee of AED1110 an e-form fee of AED 1120, and a refundable deposit fee of AED 1000.

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