How To Find A School In Ireland

The Republic of Ireland (Eire) is an independent nation, and part of the British Isles. A full member of the EU, Ireland has enjoyed a 21st century economic boom through regional funding. The Irish economy is mixed, with income from agriculture, services and tourism.The population of Ireland is about 4,950,000, roughly two thirds of whom … Read more

How To Find A School In The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands, a group of three small Caribbean islands, are a British dependency, and Commonwealth member, with continued close ties to the UK, economically and culturally. The population is around 70,000, but it is a very rich nation based on the provision of offshore banking and financial services.There is also a small, active expat … Read more

How To Find The Right School For Your Child In Indonesia

In Indonesia, formal education is compulsory and is divided into three levels: primary, secondary, and tertiary. There are plenty of public and private options for expat children in Indonesia. Here is an overview of what the Indonesian education system is like and how to choose the best schools for expat kids.Education for a child in … Read more

How To Find The Best School For Your Child In Ecuador

In both the public and private sectors in Ecuador, the quality of education varies enormously from one school to another. If a school has a reputation for high standards, you are likely to find that it is difficult to obtain a place for your child. Many have entrance exams to select the pupils they are … Read more

How To Find The Right School For Your Child In China

As an expat living in China, there is a lot to consider before sending your child to school. Besides the language barrier, other factors include school fees and proficiency to learn. Here is a breakdown of what you need to know about education and schools in China.The Chinese curriculum follows the American system of education. … Read more

Homeschooling In Costa Rica: A Realistic Option For Expats?

Homeschooling is popular within expat communities and travelling families due to the flexibility it affords them. Whether you have moved to a new country or are passing through, homeschooling your children gives you options that traditional schooling, whether public or private, does not.And if you find yourself in a country such as Costa Rica where … Read more

Education In The Bahamas: What Expats Need To Know

Much of the education system is public in the Bahamas though there are a number of private schools. These are organised in much the same way as the British education system, with children attending primary school between the ages of 5 and 11 and then moving on to secondary school until at least the age … Read more

Education For Expat Children: More Of Your Questions Answered

A few weeks ago, we asked our readers on Facebook and Twitter what they’d like to know about educating children abroad. Now Stephen Spriggs from William Clarence Education has put together some answers.Questions From Expats In Malaysia It would be interesting to hear your views on the challenges that Malaysian children and families have settling … Read more

How To Navigate The Andorran Education System

Andorra requires all children in the principality to attend school. In return, the state provides education that is free, well-resourced and focused on developing a well-rounded individual. Sports And Physical Education The education system in Andorra recognises the value of physical education.Right from pre-school, every child has access to swimming and skiing lessons as part … Read more

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