The Rise Of The Digital Nomad

The Spanish government stated in the autumn of 2022 that it intends to introduce a new year-long visa aimed at third party nationals who are working as digital nomads. They say that this is also likely to apply to close family members (such as spouses and children), and that it can be extended for up … Read more

How To Deal With International Assignments As A Working Mother

Juggling work and family life is a perennial source of stress, especially if you’re a mum! Women traditionally still take on the bulk of household work, child-rearing, and what is sometimes called ‘emotional labour’ – that is, the work women tend to do in maintaining the household, such as keeping track of the kids’ medical … Read more

Relocating Abroad For Work? Here’s How To Survive The Process

There are few things in life more stressful than moving to a new house; packing up everything you own and shifting it to another location. It’s not just the practicalities, but the emotional wrench of severing existing ties and setting off into the unknown.This is, of course, magnified if your move involves taking only a … Read more

Should You Ever Turn Down An Expat Assignment?

There are a range of reasons for not agreeing to take on an expat assignment, but will disagreeing set you back in your career? Research points to an alarmingly high turnover of expats once they return to their home workplace. One study says that within a year of returning to their employer, 38% will leave … Read more

Why Moving Abroad Will Make You A Better Businessperson

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone can be a challenge for any professional, including an entrepreneur. However, research shows that moving to a different country for education or work can actually improve your business acumen. It is a well known fact that professionals with some amount of international experience stand out from their competitors in … Read more

The Ten Best Cities In The World For Expat Businesses

Many people would love to live abroad, often in a specific country or part of the world, but find it difficult to do so because of a lack of suitable job opportunities there. For those who don’t want to wait till they retire to act on these dreams, a great option is to move abroad … Read more

The Seven Best Countries For Work-Life Balance

It’s a big decision to say goodbye to your life at home, packing up your possessions, disrupting your routine and leaving behind friends. So it would be a great shame to go through all that turmoil without reaping any of the benefits of living overseas.Not every expat stays overseas. Almost a third come back sooner … Read more

What Should Expats Ask Their Employers Before Signing A Contract?

Living expenses may vary dramatically in a new country, which means expats need to understand the costs involved. For instance, their housing and healthcare needs must be met and if they are travelling around then there will be expenses incurred as well; for those with families, education and schooling costs will also need to be … Read more

Could An Adult Internship Kickstart Your Expat Career?

The majority of expats travel for work. Usually to take on a job that they have applied for, sat through rounds of interviews for, and worked toward for a number of years. Heading out to a far-flung regional office to run a prestigious project or take control of the high-flying sales team might be the … Read more

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