How To Deal With International Assignments As A Working Mother

Juggling work and family life is a perennial source of stress, especially if you’re a mum! Women traditionally still take on the bulk of household work, child-rearing, and what is sometimes called ‘emotional labour’ – that is, the work women tend to do in maintaining the household, such as keeping track of the kids’ medical … Read more

Should You Ever Turn Down An Expat Assignment?

There are a range of reasons for not agreeing to take on an expat assignment, but will disagreeing set you back in your career? Research points to an alarmingly high turnover of expats once they return to their home workplace. One study says that within a year of returning to their employer, 38% will leave … Read more

Why Moving Abroad Will Make You A Better Businessperson

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone can be a challenge for any professional, including an entrepreneur. However, research shows that moving to a different country for education or work can actually improve your business acumen. It is a well known fact that professionals with some amount of international experience stand out from their competitors in … Read more

The Seven Best Countries For Work-Life Balance

It’s a big decision to say goodbye to your life at home, packing up your possessions, disrupting your routine and leaving behind friends. So it would be a great shame to go through all that turmoil without reaping any of the benefits of living overseas.Not every expat stays overseas. Almost a third come back sooner … Read more

Dealing With A Failed Assignment As An Expat

Being asked to undertake an international assignment is an exciting proposition for most people and it can be a hugely rewarding one for them and their employer. However, an expat assignment can be a risky endeavour as well and, according to one organisation, around 50% of expat assignments will end in failure.Their research suggests that … Read more