Dealing With A Failed Assignment As An Expat

Being asked to undertake an international assignment is an exciting proposition for most people and it can be a hugely rewarding one for them and their employer. However, an expat assignment can be a risky endeavour as well and, according to one organisation, around 50% of expat assignments will end in failure.Their research suggests that … Read more

Working For Yourself Abroad? Here’s How To Be A Good Boss

Moving overseas is often about freedom. Many expats are looking to get away from long, grinding hours chained to a desk. Instead, they want to enjoy a laidback lifestyle where family comes first. Even after the move, though, it’s possible that you’ll still be slaving from nine-to-five, enduring similar drudgery in a different time zone. … Read more

Successful Expat Managers Swear By These Foreign Workplace Tips

A great many expats are experts in their field. That’s why companies pay to have them move around the world to work in their businesses, injecting new ideas and bringing in their world-beating experiences. But even if you are the inventor of a product, the top-grossing salesman or an award-winning designer, you may find yourself … Read more

How to Network Like a Pro in Singapore

Moving countries is a simultaneously daunting and exciting experience. It can be especially so if you are moving to a place without a stable job already in place and mean to either find one or start your own business. Not knowing anyone in the country doesn’t make your life any simpler. The experience will depend … Read more

What Are The Biggest Challenges For Expat Relocation Managers?

The number one issue for relocation managers, as reported by 78% of those questioned in a survey, is the pressure to control costs when relocating an employee. While many relocation managers may highlight issues with moving families for an overseas assignment, that problem is outweighed by a ratio of 5:1 with issues over cost. That’s … Read more

An Expat Guide To Settling Into A New Workplace

The majority of expats jet off into the world to take up a job offer: in many cases, their dream job. Filled with visions of being a business badass, sealing deals and combating competitors, making a name for themselves as a titan of their trade. These idle daydreams can end with a rude awakening as … Read more

Ten Challenges Of Running A Small Business Abroad

A large portion of the expat population around the world is made up of employees on foreign assignments and retirees or pensioners. Families and international students also make up a considerable percentage of the global expat population. However, entrepreneurs are also quite a large group. For example, according to one estimate, in the United Kingdom … Read more

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