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Estonia > Health

Useful Link: Estonia health insurance guide

Dental And Opthalmic Care In Estonia: How To Find The Right Options For You

Estonia has provision for both dental treatment and eye care in the public heathcare sector and via private health insurance. Treatment in the country is described as modern and high-tech.    more ...

How Much Do Health Procedures Cost In Estonia?

The cost of healthcare in Estonia depends on the kind of treatment that you need, and also the type of insurance that you have. If you have signed up with the national health insurance system, the Haigekassa (also known as the Estonian Health Insurance Fund/EHIF) [LINK HERE], then you will be covered for a range of care and treatment which will be free at the point of delivery.    more ...

How To Keep Your Insurance Costs Low In Estonia

In order to keep your health insurance costs low in Estonia, you have two principal options: either signing up with the Estonian national health insurance scheme, the Haigekassa (also known as the Estonian Health Insurance Fund/EHIF), which is mandatory if you are working in the country, or by shopping around for the best plan from a private provider for your own treatment needs.

State health insurance in Estonia

Everyone resident i ...    more ...

How To Look After Your Mental Health In Estonia

Taking care of your mental health is challenging wherever you are, but living abroad can add an extra dimension to any existing problems. We’re going to take a look at how to best safeguard your mental health in Estonia.    more ...

How To Register With The Health System In Estonia

If you are an expat and employed in Estonia, you will have to pay contributions into the state health insurance system: this is compulsory. This Baltic nation has a two-tier medical system, comprised of private health insurance providers and the national Estonian Health Insurance Fund (EHIF), also known as the Haigekassa.    more ...

Maternity Care In Estonia: What The Options Are And How To Decide On A Birth Plan

If you are an expat in Estonia and expecting a baby, you can expect substantial support from the public healthcare system, the Haigekassa (also known as the Estonian Health Insurance Fund/EHIF), whether or not you are registered with it.    more ...

Prescriptions In Estonia: What Is Available And How To Ensure You Get The Right Level Of Care

Prescriptions in Estonia are partly covered by the national health system, the Haigekassa (also known as the Estonian Health Insurance Fund/EHIF), so if you are registered with EHIF, you will be eligible for discounts on prescriptions for your medication.    more ...

What Quality Of Healthcare Can You Expect In Estonia?

Overall, the quality of healthcare in this Baltic state is described by expats and the WHO alike as being of a high standard. This is particularly true of urban centres such as Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu, although you may experience less modern facilities, as well as a language barrier, in more rural areas.    more ...

Tips For Staying Healthy In Estonia: A Guide To Food And Fitness

Image © Chun Xia on Flickr
Estonia, in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, is known for its medieval heritage and untouched natural beauty. Tallinn, the country’s capital and cultural hub, is where most of the expat population is concentrated. Estonian is the official language, although German, Russian and English are also commonly spoken.

There are many benefits to living in Estonia, such as political stability, low cost of living and worthwhile business opportuni ...    more ...

Accessing Healthcare In Estonia As An Expat

Image © Jaanus Silla on Flickr
The nation of Estonia, with its population of approximately 1.3 million, covers 45,228 square kilometers of land. Much of the population lives in the capital city of Tallinn, which is a short distance away from Stockholm and Helsinki. Among the Scandinavian countries, Estonia is one of the most inexpensive to live in. A place of rich Nordic and medieval history, Estonia enjoys vibrant cultural diversity too.

But what about the question of hea ...    more ...

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