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Egypt - Wherever you go in Egypt, whether cruising on the Nile or swimming in the Red Sea, the sun-baked scenery connects you to the past. Skyscrapers and shopping malls mix with bazaars and mosques to make Egypt's cities a fascinating experience.

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Brigid on a desert trek

I am a single British woman living on the south-western outskirts of Cairo in a new development near 6th October City. I moved here just over 2 years ago after visiting for nearly 5 years. I wanted to change my life as I was in the Corporate treadmill and found that for the 3-4 years prior to moving here, I was just existing for work - working, commuting and sleeping - and having no real 'life' at all and actually quite resenting friends and family if they wanted to meet up or something on weekends when I wanted to catch up on precious sleep and just chill out...


In Egypt, when you have to deal with the crappy governmental offices, you just tip your way in and out! it sucks, but thats how they do things around here! (scratch my back so I scratch yours!). Don't ever pay more than 10 pounds though, enough for 2 packs of cigarettes and a good beans meal with engine oil and "stuff"! And as for Arabic, you'll be singing in Arabic in No time!! Just listen to them, ask questions, and keep a little notebook with a tiny pen in your pocket. If you're laughed at, it isn't making fun of you, just how cute Arabic sounds from the mouths of non-native speakers. don't let it discourage you, just think of how funny they sound when they speak English! my favourite quote is "Welcome Egypt" no "to", Egyptian dialect is about practicality and briefness!

Lots of people that I talk to (foreigners), go thru the exact same thing...seeing the negative in Egypt, for about the first year, then all of a sudden, things just seem to brighten up. For me...I compared and complained endlessly to my hubby, and probably drove him crazy, until he ya wanna move back? After thinking about it, I came to the conclusion don't...

My husband and I are having some problems with the Bawab. When we first moved into the house in February this year the Bawab collected 50 LE from us every month. But for the past 3 months or so he has been collecting 100LE every month. We don't think that it is reasonable. We are not sure if we have to pay him, or if he can collect from the landlord.

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