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Doctors, Dentists and Other Health Services

Hong Kong - Doctors, Dentists and Other Health Services

Hong Kong has a wealth of qualified doctors, dentists, and other health services that are available to expats. A Hong Kong ID card will allow you to receive affordable rates while private health insurance might make choosing your preference easier and offer you more comfort if you face any serious medical conditions.

You can make a consultation with a doctor at public and private hospitals if you have a well visit or you need to see someone regarding a minor illness. It is particularly important to see a physician and get a note if you must miss work. It is normally possible to make an appointment on the same day if it is an emergency. Well visits need to be scheduled in advance. If you have a Hong Kong ID card, you will pay a standard rate and specialists cost more than a general practitioner. Because these visits take place within a hospital, any necessary testing can be carried out there as well.

There are several private hospitals in Hong Kong. Some expats prefer the private hospitals because they are less crowded, the care is expedited, and it is more likely to find and English speaking staff. Some of the private hospitals include:

Adventist Hospital
40 Stubbs Road
Tel: (852) 3651 8888

Canossa Hospital
1 Old Peak Road
Tel: (852) 2522 2181

Hong Kong Central Hospital
One Lower Albert Road, Central
Tel: (852) 2522 3141

Matilda and War Memorial Hospital
41 Mount Kellett Road, The Peak
Tel: (852) 2849 0111

Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital
2 Village Road, Happy Valley
Tel: (852) 2572 0211

It is best to receive a referral to a specialist through a family physician and some private insurance plans request this. The best way to find a family doctor is through word of mouth, either by asking around others in the expat community or receiving advice from co-workers or friends.

In general, medical services are up to Western standards, and the qualifications of doctors in Hong Kong are good. Some doctors in Hong Kong train outside of the country but many receive their education within Hong Kong. Classes are on par with those that would be undertaken in Western universities.

The fees at the public clinic are regulated by the government. These fees are moderate, especially in comparison to the fees found at private clinics. In most cases, patients pay HK$100 for the first visit, plus HK$10 for any required medication. The fees can vary depending on treatment and some consultations can be as high as HK$3,000 at private hospitals which is the main reason why many expats choose to get private health insurance.

There are additional services provided for children. The Hong Kong Department of Health runs around 30 child and maternal healthcare centers. These offer prenatal services in addition to immunizations and preventive screenings for children. Many of these services are either free or low-priced. For more information, visit:

Family Health Service
Tel: 852 2112 9900

In the private healthcare sector, there is sometimes a discrepancy between Western physicians and local doctors. Although some expats feel more comfortable being treated by a Western doctor, there is a chance that they will charge as much as three times more than a local doctor. The local physicians possess the same qualifications and professional knowledge, however.

There are somewhere in the vicinity of 1,000 dentists in Hong Kong. It is a well-respected profession and many dentists in Hong Kong speak English. To see a dentist in a public healthcare clinic it must be an emergency. For non-emergencies, you must make an appointment at a private dental clinic. Because dental care can be expensive, it’s important to have a dental plan as part of your private health insurance. The dental clinics in Hong Kong can have various pricing systems, too, so it might be a good idea to comparison shop before you commit to anyone.
The Dental Council of Hong Kong is a government agency that regulates the practice of dentists. Their website has a list of registered general dentists and specialists for different fields.

Hong Kong Dental Association
8/F., Duke of Windsor Social Service Bldg.,15 Hennessy Rd., Wanchai, H.K.

Tel.: (852) 2528 5327
Fax.: (852) 2529 0755
Email: hkda@hkda.org

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