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Italy - Campania

The Italian region of Campania has Naples for its capital and a population of nearly 6 million people. It has the highest population density of all the Italian regions and it is home to the Amalfi Coast and other tourist attractions such as Mount Vesuvius. The island of Capri also comes under the administration of Campania. The area is divided into five provinces and more than half the population lives in the province of Naples. Expat numbers are not as high in Campania as in other areas, with only 2% of the population hailing from another country.

The climate of the area is very mild along the coastline and in the islands. The average temperature in winter is around 10°C while summers can reach 27°C. Inland areas will vary with some rainy areas in the hills. Some of the taller hills and mountains are covered in snow during the winter and early spring.

For those who are looking for a quiet retirement, it is a good idea to choose one of the provinces outside Naples and a town away from the coast. The city of Naples and the coastal areas are extremely busy areas, although they do have a lot to offer in the way of leisure activities, such as sports, evening entertainment and restaurants. There are a number of towns that have residential developments which are aimed at retirees.

There are opportunities in the Campania region for several different types of businesses. There are opportunities for skilled tradesmen such as builders and plumbers and there is some demand for English speakers in this region although the ability to speak Italian is an advantage. Many of the coastal areas are filled with small hotels so there may be opportunities to purchase an existing business.

Properties in the region of Campania continue to be popular and prices have risen dramatically in recent years. Island properties in particular are very expensive but there is never very much on the market. On the mainland, coastal properties can command reasonably high prices, although prices fall as you move further inland. There are many villages inland where around half of the properties are empty and these are beginning to attract expats who are looking for a renovation bargain. Some of these properties are also ideal for those who want to rent out self contained holiday accommodation as a small business.

Campania is well known for its tourist areas such as Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast. In these areas there are numerous new developments and some of these are aimed at the tourist market, although there are others that are aimed at those who want to retire to the sun. The tourist areas are expensive for property and these are mainly apartments, built in complexes with other facilities such as swimming pools and communal areas. The town of Sorrento has an old centre with traditional buildings so can still offer expats a taste of traditional Italian living but the shops are boutiques which can be a little pricey. The same applies to the town of Positano, but smaller villages close by offer properties at much more affordable prices.

For those who want a less tourist-like island destination there is Ischia. This is a much more basic island and less developed than Capri. Properties here are traditional buildings, often with no outside space but they are never too far from the beach. Property prices are much lower than other coastal areas, although the facilities on the island are much reduced, with only basic shopping and leisure facilities.

The city of Naples is also an expensive area in which to buy property, particularly if you want a property close to the city centre. Outlying districts are more reasonably priced. The city has advantages for those who are moving with a family as there are good schools for all ages of children and amenities for everyday life. As with most Italian city centres there are few properties with outdoor space, although many apartments have balconies. There are also opportunities to purchase a property in need of renovation at a much reduced price, although these do not come onto the market very often as many have already been renovated.

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