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Vehicle Inspection, Maintenance, Repairs and Breakdown Recovery

Italy - Vehicle Inspection, Maintenance, Repairs and Breakdown Recovery

Vehicle inspection is a common practice mandated in several nations across the world, including the US, UK and Italy, to ensure that an automobile conforms to a country’s safety regulations. This also applies to classic and vintage cars.

All automobile owners in Italy need to ensure that their cars are inspected once within 4 years of registration and every alternate year thereafter. This roadworthiness test, locally known as revisione, is in accordance with Article 80 of the Italian Highway Code (Codice della Strada). It is equivalent to MOT (Ministry of Transport) Test in the UK. Any vehicle caught without valid revisione could incur a fine ranging between €150.00 and €570.00. Cars may also be impounded if they are found on the motorways without having cleared the roadworthiness test. The roadworthiness test clearance is a required for the sale of any automobile.

Examination of the vehicle is conducted by the local transport authorities at the local Roadworthiness Test Center (centro revisione auto). The Regional Infrastructure Office (Servizi Integrati Infrastrutture e Transporti or SIIT) looks after the inspection at a local level. Some of the offices can be reached on:

SIIT Lazio – Abruzzo
Via Salaria 1045, 00138 Roma
Tel: +39 06 81691

SIIT Lombardy – Liguria
Via Marina 5, 20121 Milano
Tel: +39 027 631 7390

SIIT Tuscany – Umbria
Piazza della Resistanza 54, 51100 Pistoia
Tel: +39 0573 977 431

SIIT Piemonte – Valle D’Aosta
Via Agostino Bertani 41/ 46, 10137 Torino
Tel: +39 011 311 1032

It is always advisable to book an appointment at least a week in advance, so that you don’t have to wait for a long time. Car owners need to fill in the MC 2100 Form, provide an ID, show their residence permit (carta di soggiorno) and pay the registration fee (anywhere between €40.00 and €70.00, depending upon the type of vehicle).

In case the person present for the vehicle inspection is not the owner, the authorities will also need to see a power of attorney along with owner’s id. The whole procedure should take no more than an hour, during which the automobile experts check the:

Alignment of the wheel (route)
Brakes (freni)
Chassis (telaio)
Lights (luci)
Seatbelts (cinture di sicurezza)
Steering wheel (sterzo)
Suspension (suspensioni)
Tires (pneumatic)
Transmission (trasmissione)
Warning device (segnalatore acustico)
Windscreen (tergicristallo)
Wipers (spazzola del tergicristallo)

The authorities also check how much noise is made by the car to determine if it complies with the emission laws in the country.

If the vehicle clears the test the office issues a sticker, which is affixed on its registration certificate (carta di circolazione).

In some cases the outcome of the roadworthiness test may negative (negativo) or to be repeated (sospeso) for a car. In these instances, the owners should take the car to a garage for the required repair-work. After that, a new vehicle inspection request has to be made within a month.

The police and traffic authorities often demand that a roadworthiness test be conducted for a vehicle after an accident. In such situations, the test can only be carried out at the local transport offices, which include the Uffici Provinciali Motorizzazione and the Uffici Decentrati SIIT Settore Trasporti. The main purpose for this is to ensure that such cars are in a roadworthy condition before being driven again.

If a roadworthiness test was cleared in any EU country, it is valid in Italy and another inspection need not be conducted. However, if the clearance has expired the vehicle will need to undergo a test locally.

Vehicle breakdown services in Italy are nationally coordinated by the Automobile Club D’Italia (ACI). Just like the AA in the UK, this entity provides emergency assistance in case of a car breakdown, along with several other pre-paid services. ACI road assistance is available to all motorists in this country, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can be contacted on their toll free numbers 803116 from a local mobile or landline and on 800 116 800 from an international number. Additional contact details are also listed on their website http://www.aci.it. Moreover, all motorways have special emergency phones situated every two kilometers, so that motorists can access an emergency center or reach out for mechanical assistance if required.

For any more queries on vehicle inspection, expats can get in touch with The Italian Ministry of Transport on –

Ministerio Della Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti
Ufficio Relazioni con il public,
Via Caraci 36, 00157 Roma
Tel: +39 06 4158 2143

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