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Venezia Giulia

Italy - Friuli-Venezia Giulia

The region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia has a population of around 1.3 million people and Trieste is the capital city. The main language in the area is Italian, although many locals also speak Friulian. There are also small German and Slovene speaking communities. Some areas have given Slovene official language status. A number of schools in the region are officially bilingual.

The climate of the region is variable, with the northern parts of the region having a more alpine climate, with cold winters but short warm summers. Other parts of the region are much milder, with good summers although the temperatures do not get as high as they do further south.

This region of Italy is ideal for those who like traditional living. Many of the towns have changed little in recent years and the lifestyle is very laid back and relaxed. The sparsely populated areas offer opportunities for a very quiet retirement, although there is more opportunity for socialising in the cities.

For those who want to run their own business there are many opportunities. As the area is just becoming popular with tourists, a tourism based business has a good chance of being successful. It is a good idea to be able to speak one of the local languages, no matter which area you choose to work in. The area has many properties which would be suitable for a bar, restaurant or hotel. There is also a good market for renting out self contained holiday accommodation.

This is traditionally one of the cheapest areas in Italy for property, although some towns along the coast are seeing prices rise. These areas are still affordable and there are bargains to be found, whether you choose the coast or the mountains. The skiing area of Carnia, for example, offers affordable skiing for those who may previously have considered this to be an expensive hobby. The accommodation is much more reasonably priced than in many other skiing areas and there are expats who have retired to the area.

Those who are looking for a renovation property will find that there are many different types to choose from, with farmhouses in rural areas, small fishermen’s cottages along the coast and hillside stone houses. Renovating a property is a good investment, as the properties in this area can be bought very cheaply and renovated at a reasonable price, but the value of the property will more than double. The opportunities for those who want to develop properties to sell on or rent out are great, as there has been very little in recent years.

House prices in the area are very low, with a large modern apartment in the city of Trieste available for around €150,000 while large renovated villas can be purchased for as little at €300,000. The Carso area has a large number of abandoned properties.

The city of Trieste stretches along the coast has many properties which date back to the end of the 19th century and a thriving old quarter filled with quaint shops. Other areas of the city have more modern buildings, with a mix of houses and apartments available. Outdoor space is at a premium but most apartments will have a small balcony. The property market in the city is developing rapidly and prices are beginning to rise.

Udine is another town that should appeal to expats. It has long been considered to be a very desirable town in which to live, but this has not greatly affected the property prices in the area. A small apartment is available for less than €100,000 and houses can be less than €200,000 In the countryside around Udine there are villas available, both renovated and in need of work, for a reasonable price and the area is mostly undiscovered by expats.

The low numbers of expats in the region mean that there are few estate agents who are used to dealing with purchases by foreign buyers, although some businesses are being established in the hope of attracting British buyers and others from Western Europe. It is anticipated that once the area has begun to attract a few buyers then this will lead to a surge of interest.

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