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Utilities (Electricity, Gas, Water, Household Waste)

Malaga - Utilities (Electricity, Gas, Water, Household Waste)

Most expats renting property may never see a utility bill, as this will be dealt with by either the landlord or the letting agency. Monthly rental fees may or may not include payment for utilities; this therefore needs clarifying once signing the contract.

Property owners in Malaga will obviously need to know who the providers of the major utilities are. Connection to the utilities is often organised by the agency or developer if a new build property, however the buyer is usually expected to pay for all connection charges.

The energy market in Spain was de-regulated in 2003, however competition is establishing itself slowly and in many areas of Spain there is still just one energy provider. In Malaga the major electricity provider is Sevillana-Endesa. Registering as a customer can be done through their website www.endesaonline.com, which can also be viewed in English. Alternatively, you can speak to an English-speaking customer services agent by calling the company on 902 509509.

Gas is also available in the urban areas of Malaga, again through Endesa's website or customer service line. Most utility bills are paid bi-monthly via direct debit so it is important to have band details available when registering, and also ensure that your bank account allows such payments.

In rural areas, however, many people still rely on gas bottles, especially for heating in the winter, when temperatures can become quite cool inland. Repsol Butano offices, that distribute these gas bottles, can be seen in most towns and villages in the area. More information can be found on the company's website, www.repsol.com. Once an initial delivery has been made, you can set up a contract for regular, ongoing deliveries.

Water supply in Malaga is through EMASA, Empresa Municipal de Aguas de Malaga and registering for a water account can be done through their website www.emasa.es, or by calling 900 777 420. Many urban areas will pay according to water usage through the use of a metre, however this is less likely in rural areas where a standard flat fee will apply. Residents of some residential complexes may pay an additional charge for the upkeep of a communal water supply.

It is not recommended to drink the tap water in Malaga, although it is fine to use for cooking. Bottled water is widely used and available in all shops, and costs around 1 euro for 5 litres. Many people have bottled water delivered to avoid having to carry large, heavy bottles from the shops.

Waste disposal en Malaga is the responsibility of the town hall, or ayuntamiento, and empties daily the large rubbish containers situated on all streets. Residents take their rubbish to these communal bins, rather than having their own individual container. Residents are also expected to separate items for recycling and place them in the appropriately-coloured bin yellow for plastics and cans, blue for newspapers and magazines, green for glass, and black for all other non-recyclable items. Larger items will also be collected if left alongside the bins. Waste disposal is funded by the yearly rates paid by residents to the local council.

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