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Exclusive Transport in the South of France

Exclusive Transport in the South of France

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The South of France is extremely well served by road, rail and air services.

Air Travel

There are larger airports at:

· Nice/Cote d’Azur;
· Monte Carlo (Monaco);
· Cannes Croisette (Heliport);
· Cannes Mandelieu (for private jets).

Nice and Monte Carlo are well served from many other European and worldwide airports.

For the details of private arrivals, enquiries can be made with the individual airport or your aircraft operator at the point of departure.

There is also a smaller aerodrome at St Tropez (La Mole) handling a variety of aircraft types from general aviation and smaller business aircraft down to single seaters.

There are also smaller private airfields typically handling paragliders and very light aircraft.

Aircraft / Helicopter hire

There are a number of companies operating charter services of all aircraft types up to private executive jets. A non-prioritised selection includes:

www.privatejetcharter.com (offices at Nice airport)

http://www.globaljetconcept.com (Offices in Monaco)

http://panther-aviation.com/offers (Cannes Mandelieu)

Helicopters may be hired from:

http://azurhelico.com (several locations on the Riviera)

http://heliairmonaco.com/accueil.html (Monaco)


It may be worth remembering that during the peak holiday season, road traffic conditions can make for slow transfers from say Nice to St Tropez or Monaco. Helicopters may be a sensible approach.

If you hold an appropriate licence then self-fly hire may also be available.

Conditions vary depending upon the companies concerned, your level of certification and licence plus the aircraft type. You may be expected to go through a checkout flight or two including circuits, ‘touch-and-goes’ and IFR, again depending upon the aircraft and company policies.

Substantial deposits and indemnities and evidence of insurance may be required.

The purchase of aircraft is also possible. This is frequently a global activity rather than limited to a given area. Possible sources include:

http://www.speedbirdair.com/aircraft_sale.html (contains a good selection of executive jets)

http://www.globalplanesearch.com/gpsads/aircraft-for-sale.htm (also includes helicopters).


The road network is excellent but at peak summer periods both the local and long-distance road networks (Autoroutes) can grind to a virtual halt due to traffic.

Main centres can be busy for much of the year and taxi or chauffer driven limousines may be preferable for local shortcut knowledge and security.

Yacht Charters

Since ancient history, the Mediterranean has been a major way (for much of history, in fact the ONLY way) of getting around.

It remains so today, whether for leisure or practical purposes.

Luxury yachts and motor vessels of all kinds are readily available for hire. A small selection includes:




Options are available for both crewed and self-crewed rentals. Credentials and large indemnities may be required for self-hire options.

If you are thinking of purchasing try:

http://www.csoyachts.com/en/home.html (based in Cannes)

http://www.apolloduck.fr (offers lengthy lists of yachts in various parts of France plus photos, specifications and prices).

Exclusive car rentals and purchase

Car hire is widely available in all centres.

For exclusive marques or specialist and performance vehicles, try:

http://www.luxury-cars-rental.com (Several locations)

http://www.platinium-ca.com/rent (Nice, Monaco, Cannes)

http://wills.fr/template.asp?page=detail&idcategorie=6 (several locations)

For many types of performance or luxury car rentals, a minimum age limit of 30 years is typically imposed (this may be 25 for some models).

Exclusive car purchases on the Riviera may be done either internationally (delivery to your door) or locally. Typically many buyers of prestige vehicles tend to source through specialist suppliers so that they have a choice of marques that interest them.

Two English language options are:

http://www.cleverdons.net (UK company specialising in exclusive models RHD or LHD models personally delivered)

http://www.jameslist.com/cars/location/FR/B8 (Sources exclusive vehicles for rent or purchase).


It is now possible to travel to Nice by high-speed rail service – the famous TGV. The trip from Paris takes approximately 6 hours and there are connecting services to London and other European destinations.


Although not always an obvious choice for exclusive travel, the TGV should perhaps not be overlooked too hastily.

Depending upon your point of origin, it may actually be faster door-to-door than a conventional airline flight if one takes into account the tedium of getting to airports, baggage handling, check-ins, security checks, baggage collection and endless treks along corridors.

First-class accommodation is comfortable and roomy and it’s possible to stretch your legs during the journey.

Hired car pick-up can be synchronised with train arrivals at Nice.

Travelling by rail around the Riviera once there also shouldn’t be too quickly dismissed.

Given road congestion in peak season, only helicopters may have the advantage over trains in terms of journey time point-to-point.

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