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Costa de Almeria

Spain - Costa de Almeria

The Costa Almeria has much to offer the expat (expatriados) that is looking for a traditional Spanish way of life. The area is one of the most unspoilt coastal regions that the country has to offer. The climate is excellent and there is very little rain each year. The population is low and the towns have a traditional style. The facilities on offer range from naturist beaches to shopping. The tourists who come to the area are not looking for nightlife, but want to experience the history of the country and expats who are looking for a quiet area to settle in will find many on the Costa Almeria.

The town of Huércal-Overa is in the northern part of the region and sits close to the region of Murcia. It has a thriving commercial district and there is a wide variety of shops. Expats coming to the area should find that there is a number of employment opportunities in the town, particularly in the retail sector. There has been a number of developments in the area over the last few decades so the properties on offer range from traditional Spanish houses (casas) to modern apartments (pisos). Prices vary depending upon the part of town that you choose, but are average for the region.

Almeria is the capital of Andalucia and is gradually attracting more and more tourists each year. It has now become a major holiday destination. Almeria is well known for its restaurants and wide variety of shops. The area offers a range of employment opportunities for expats ranging from shops to customer service centres. Properties (propriedad) in the city are mainly apartments in the city centre, but the outskirts will have many houses on offer. Prices in the centre of the city will be higher than the regional average, but still reasonably priced when compared with similar properties in other cities.

Mojacar is a town set on a hillside and has two main areas: the beach and the town, although these are 2km apart. The town began to develop in the 1960s when land was given free of charge to anybody who would build on it. This ensured that the economy grew, as alongside new businesses, residential developments (complejo residencial) were built. Expats were attracted by the location of the town and soon Mojacar had one of the largest expat populations in the country, with residents coming from all over Europe to settle there.

Vera is a small town of less than 7000 inhabitants. It has a long history but has developed into a very modern town. There are shops and restaurants to suit all budgets and tastes and the area is also famous for its naturist beaches. The town has begun to attract large numbers of expats and there is a variety of property available, from new apartments to older houses (casa de epoca). Prices are comparable with the regional average.

The town of San Juan de los Terreros is a village in the eastern part of Andalucia. It is a quiet area which does attract tourists but is ideal for those who want to get away from it all. There has been some modern development but the designs have kept it very much in line with the surrounding architecture so it does not look out of place. Some of the developments are luxury accommodation (casa sensorial) but there are plenty of reasonably priced homes available.

Bedar is a village situated 15 km from the coast and is one of the most tranquil villages in the region. Many of the houses are original structures from the earliest days of the village. Life in the village is fairly basic, so is ideal for those who do not need a cosmopolitan lifestyle. There are restaurants and some shops but services such as the postal service are poor, so those who want to settle in the area would be advised to get a post office box. There are already some expats in the village although the area is still traditionally Spanish.

Cuevas del Almanzora is one of the oldest towns in the region. It is popular with tourists and expats as it has everything from shops to schools. The town is very busy in the summer, although much quieter in the winter months and the beaches are ideal for those who enjoy sunbathing and water sports. There is some development in the area so it is possible to find properties that have been built fairly recently, although many of the homes on offer are more traditional Spanish houses. Property prices are comparable with the rest of the region.

Oria is surrounded by beautiful countryside and the main industry in the area is agriculture. Most of the locals work in farming, so the area is ideal for those expats who want to buy a smallholding (finca). There is a growing tourism sector too, although this is mainly during the summer months. Properties available in the area are usually detached houses with plenty of land and prices are comparable with the regional average.

The village of Turre is growing due to the influx of tourists and expats. It is situated on the Rivera Aguas. There are some modern developments in the area, so there are apartments and houses that can be bought off plan, alongside more traditional Spanish properties. There are some employment opportunities in the area as the development continues, but as the town grows the property prices are rising too.

Cabo de Gata is the nature reserve area of the Costa Almeria. The area attracts thousands of tourists each year but there is a limit on the amount of development that is permitted in the area, so there are very few new homes being built and commercial developments for hotels and holiday apartments are kept to a minimum. The protected area means that the existing property is much sought after and prices are higher than the regional average as a result.

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