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Spain - Visas

It is necessary for you to check with the Spanish embassy in your home country to see which visa you require or do not require when entering Spain. Terms and conditions vary per country so make sure you are informed. If you are a passport holder from the EAA or the EU (including Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein but not including Croatia until 2020) then with reference to the Under the Freedom of Movement Act(1992) it is possible for you to study, work and live in Spain without the need for a visa or permit. Below are more details on which nationals are not required to get vias.

Citizens with passports from the European Union, Norway, Switzerland and Iceland do not require a visa to visit or reside in Spain. The citizens from the following countries should read section two on Ministry of Current Affairs and Cooperation website to see the countries whose nationals do not need visas to visit Spain unless they stay in Spain for more than 90 days within a 6 month period. If an individual from one of these countries does not have a biometric passport then a short stay Schengen visa is required. If an individual is from the merchant navy, a member of airline crew or has travel documents listed under the Geneva Convention of July 1951 then they do not require a visa. The spouse or child of a Spanish national and owner of a UK Residence Card which states this relationship does not require a visa. Individuals from countries who would usually need a visa to enter Spain may be able to travel there as part of a school visiting group with confirmation from their countries education authority.

EU/EEA/Swiss students don’t need a visa to live or study in Spain, but will have to register with the local authorities and get a residence certificate. Border control may wish to see return flights (within 90 days) or proof of accommodation. All who travel to Spain need their passport to be valid for at least 6 months.

Visas for non EU/EAA/Swiss nationals (or otherwise listed)

Citizens from the following countries from section 6 of the Ministry of Current Affairs and Cooperation website require a visa to enter Spain. Children require a visa, whatever the age or nationality.

Student visa

If you are a national from a country other than EU/EEA countries or Switzerland and want to carry out an internship, training, research, study or a student exchange for 3 months or more require a student visa. Students must be accepted on a course with an officially recognised institution and once they have the letter of acceptance or certificate they can apply for the visa from the consulate or Spanish embassy in your country of residence. You must apply from your home country as it is not possible to apply once in Spain.

Non Swiss/EU/EAA Students studying in Spain up to 3 months/90 days
Providing the student fulfils the legal requisites listed in the European Directive and is permitted to apply for a visa to study in Spain for up to 3 months then the student must apply for a visa from the Spanish embassy/consulate in their home country. U.S students do not need a visa for this time period.

Non Swiss/EU/EAA Students studying in Spain up to 6 months/180 days (Visado D Estudios hasta 180 días)
If the student is intending on studying in Spain for up to 6 months then a type D student visa is necessary. A Residence Card cannot be gained with this visa. If the student needs an extension on their visa they can file a Form 02 from the Spanish government.

Non Swiss/EU/EAA Students studying in Spain in excess of 6 months/180 days (Visado D Estudios, Investigación)
If the student is intending on studying in Spain in excess of 6 months/180 days then students must get a type D visa which allows for validity for 3 months after entering the Schengen area. Once the student enters spain they need to apply for a student residence permit/card within a 30 day maximum. Once they have this they can remain in Spain after the visa expires.

Airport Transit visas (visado de transito aeroportuario)

This visa must be applied for to transit through a Spanish airport and into the international transit zone. This visa is necessary for nationals who are not from Canada, Switzerland, Andorra, the EU, Japan, USA, Monaco and San Marino. Additionally, Holders of Diplomatic and Service passports do not require this visa.

Short Stay Visa (Schengen Visa (visado de corta duracion)

Tourist Visa
Visa for up to 90 days which does not permit the individual to work and must be applied for from an embassy of the Schengen Territory or if only traveling to one country, to that country's embassy only. Applied for at the most 21 days before you travel.

Business visa
Short stay visa for up to 90 days for individuals who which to stay in Spain for reasons of business. The individual travels in person to the embassy of Spain and applies in person with an application advised 21 days before travel.

Entry Visa for Family Members of Citizens of the EU
Applies to members of family to an EU national who are entering Spain. For the application the EU national/EU family member must also attend and register via the Spanish Civil Registry office. It includes registered partners and spouses, direct descendants of the individual under 21 and the parents of the direct descendant under 21.

Work Visas with Exception Work Permit
Visa for artists and performing artists who can travel to Spain for up to 90 days with this visa. Performances undertaken cannot be more than 5 successive days within 6 months or twenty days of appearances in 6 months. Visas should be applied for 21 days before travel commences.

Visa for Lost or Stolen Spanish Resident Card
It is worth noting that legal residents in Spain who have lost their Resident Permit Identification or have been robbed of it need to travel to the consulate with fingerprints and a photo and be issued a visa to get back into Spain.

Work visa

Visa exempt from requesting a work permit
This visa is for foreigners who undertake scientific, religious or cultural activities, teach,or perform as artists in Spain.

Work employment visa
With the permission granted from the government of their country nationals may work and live in Spain with this visa.

Visa for temporary residence and research in Spain
Those who have research projects vetoed by the institution of research are able to use this visa to stay in Spain and carry out such projects.

Self employment work visa
A self employed professional may work and live in Spain to carry out their business with this visa.

Entrepreneurial Support Act for Entrepreneurs and its Internationalization
A range of visas for foreigners who make clear and significant investments in the country of Spain regarding the terms and conditions. Holders of this visa may live in spain too.

Residence visas

Temporary residency and work within the framework of a transnational provision of services

An individual who will live and work in Spain in a work centre requires this visa. It may be that the foreigner works with the same company in the EU may work in that company in Spain or it is required for a skilled worker to travel to Spain to monitor construction.

Residence Visa (Non-Lucrative)
This visa is for individuals who will remain in Spain in excess of 90 days and will not work in Spain or undertake any professional activity. After one month the individual will get a foreign national identity card. The visa holder can travel through the Schengen region for 3 months but not in excess of this within a 6 month timescale.

Retirement visa
For those nationals who wish to retire in Spain must have a visado de residencia from their local Spanish embassy in their country. There will be checks on your pension, that you have sufficient funds and other terms and conditions to be aware of.

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