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Turkey - Straddling both Europe and Asia, Turkey is an exciting destination for expats keen to experience a mix of cultures, not to mention a variety of climates. Istanbul and Ankara are the largest cities but expats have settled throughout the country.

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Expat Experiences of Life in Turkey (submit yours here)

Colin Guest, Kemer

Colin Guest

My name is Colin Guest; I am originally from England but now live in Turkey. In 1988, I accepted a contract to work in Turkey, on a hotel complex down on the Mediterranean coast at a place named Kemer. Until moving to Turkey, I had no knowledge of what life was like living there. I was pleased to find that Kemer was in a beautiful location being right on the edge of the Mediterranean, backed by the pine forested Taurus Mountains. The hotel complex was just outside of Kemer and set around several coves next to a long sandy beach, overall it was perfect...


Tara Lutman Agacayak, Istanbul

Tara Lutman Agacayak

In 2002 I married my Turkish husband and moved to Turkey to be with him. My biggest challenges were not knowing Turkish and not having a support network to help me through the culture shock. There were no other foreigners in the small town where we first ended up living so I didn't have anyone to talk with who I could relate to. But slowly as my Turkish improved and as I made friends with other expats, I began to find my place and feel settle in...


Altinkum is a good area just over an hours drive from Bodrum airport It has lovely beaches and the coastline is gorgeous. There is a large British population but it is NOT the NEW BENIDORM! Property is cheaper than most other resort areas but like all undiscovered places that suddenly become popular prices are beginning to rise, even in this current financial climate! Rental is a good idea until you get your bearings and the Resale market is now starting to move with new buyers as current owners upgrade/downgrade...

The village people may not have much material wealth, but what they do have they will gladly share, making even drunken "Foreigners" welcome and they have such joy and laughter in their lives. Puts things into perspective in the materialistic world we mostly inhabit...

Wrestling is the Turkish National Sport and it was the annual village championships, men coming from all over Turkey to compete. Basic requirements: flatten a field in the middle of nowhere, ring off an inner circle and bring your tractors. If you have a shop, restaurant, or just your own front room put it on a tractor trailer combo, park it up and enjoy. The crew (my Turkish husband is a Boat Kaptan) had secured a place next to one of the village market "shops" with tables chairs, Raki, Beer, Wine etc only a few feet away and, of course a BBQ selling fish, chicken, local sausage...

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