Expat Focus Financial Update July 2021

Expat drift from Singapore continues to gather speed A desire to leave the city state continues to grow among Singapore’s expats, according to a Financial Times report in July. We’ve reported on this before, and it continues to be an issue. ‘Jabs, jobs and travel restrictions’ are the reasons behind the discontent, the paper says. … Read more

How To Make The Most Of Your UK Tax Residence Status

Are you an expat in the UK? Do you know about the UK tax residence and domicile rules, and how they help you? Expat Focus partner and Founder of Global Expatriate Tax Services Limited, Oliver Heslop, looks at four key ways to make the most of your tax residence status. If you have any further … Read more

UK Expat Tax – Hong Kong And Singapore

Are you a British expat moving to or living in Hong Kong or Singapore? Do you understand how the tax system works, and what reliefs are available? We are delighted to share with you a new video from Expat Focus partner and Founder of Global Expatriate Tax Services (GETS), Oliver Heslop, offering tax advice for … Read more

Expat Focus Financial Update June 2021

EU warns against ‘chaperoning’ The EU is starting to clamp down on the practice known as chaperoning. Just as a young Victorian woman could avoid scandal when visiting a man by taking another woman along with her, so traders can avoid censure by including a colleague who is licensed to work in the EU bloc … Read more

Interview With Oliver Heslop, Founder Of Global Expatriate Tax Services (GETS)

Oliver Heslop, founder of Global Expatriate Tax Services (GETS) and Expatriate Tax Services London Ltd, is a highly experienced UK tax specialist dealing with expatriate cross border issues. He is also the official Expat Focus UK Taxation partner and is available to answer readers’ UK tax questions. In this interview we learn more about Oliver’s … Read more

Expat Focus Financial Update May 2021

Bank layoffs in Spain: could this affect you? Over the past decade, up to 2019, Spain has experienced the biggest number of bank layoffs in Europe, with a host of small banks having been bought and consolidated by bigger ones – although the number of banks in the country continues to stand at double the … Read more

Expat Focus Financial Update April 2021

British expats in Spain British citizens living in Spain must now prove that they have an income of £21K in order to stay in the country. Given that the average British state pension is £6,500, an exodus of British expats from the country has been anticipated. A poll conducted recently by the Daily Express suggests … Read more

Expat Focus Financial Update March 2021

Additional stimulus for American expats In March, Congress passed the coronavirus relief bill: $1,400 per eligible taxpayer according to your Adjusted Gross Income. If you’re a US expat and you have already had stimulus assistance, then you will automatically receive this latest payment if you’ve filed your US taxes. However, some American expats are still … Read more

Expat Focus Financial Update February 2021

Amsterdam overtakes London as finance hub Amsterdam has overtaken the UK’s capital for the number of trades in January, the Financial Times reports. This is a direct result of Brexit: EU financial institutions can no longer trade in London, because Brussels does not hold that UK trading venues or regulators are of an equivalent status … Read more