Expat Focus Financial Update January 2021

Brexit and British citizens in the EU The big news for British expats resident in or travelling to the EU is, of course, that Brexit has now happened. We are past the transition period, having secured a deal on Christmas Eve 2020. Brexit, and particularly the issues of financial passporting, have already caused some significant … Read more

Expat Focus Financial Update December 2020

More banks announce customer account closures We’ve reported extensively on the closure of a number of bank accounts belonging to British citizens living in the EU. British banks have been closing accounts as a result of the cost and difficulty of passporting across each EU nation. This month, Nationwide became the latest bank to announce … Read more

Expat Focus Financial Update November 2020

Property in Singapore The Business Times of Singapore reports that overseas property investors (led by the Chinese and Indonesians) are increasingly purchasing property that is regarded as a home rather than simply as an investment. Property experts say that the 20% additional buyer’s stamp duty (ABSD) on Singapore property purchases has put the brakes on … Read more

Expat Focus Financial Update October 2020

Last month’s big financial news concerned the issue of British banks closing accounts belonging to UK expats in Europe. This has been a major source of worry to UK customers of banks such as Barclays. Accounts are being closed, because it is too complex and expensive for British banks to obtain licensing for financial services … Read more

Expat Focus Financial Update September 2020

The general trend to localise workforces continues to have an impact on expat finances, and indeed lives, across the world. Singapore is the latest country to tighten its criteria on foreign hires, due to concerns about the economic impact of Covid. This is despite the financial sector’s attention turning increasingly towards the region, as it … Read more

How To Open A Bank Account In Vietnam

The State Bank of Vietnam, formerly known as the National Bank of Vietnam, was first established in 1961. As the country’s central bank, it is responsible for a variety of duties, including: maintaining currency reserves, securing monetary stability, and managing the circulation of banknotes. It also regulates all other banks operating within the country. The … Read more

How To Open A Bank Account In The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is known for being one of the Caribbean’s most visited destinations. With its gorgeous weather, geographically diverse landscape and welcoming culture, it’s easy to see why. But what is it like to live in the country? We’ve already covered what’s involved when it comes to finding property, but what about when it … Read more

How To Open A Bank Account In The Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most budget friendly European cities to live in, which is why it’s no surprise that, when the Czech Republic joined the European Union, the country experienced a large influx of expats looking to relocate. But if you’re considering a move to the Czech Republic, you’ll want to prepare, as paperwork … Read more

How To Open A Bank Account In The Cayman Islands

With its warm climate and clear waters, the Cayman Islands is an appealing destination among travellers—so much so, that many choose to relocate there permanently! The territory is more than just a diving hot spot; it offers a relaxed way of life that many expats enjoy. If you’re looking to join them, then you will … Read more

How To Open A Bank Account In Italy

When it comes to opening a bank account in Italy, expats ordinarily have four choices. They can choose to: Keep their existing account in their home country, which is particularly useful for anyone planning to move back at some point in the future Open a local account, which is usually necessary for individuals working in … Read more