Expat Focus International News Update July 2021

The international news remains dominated by Covid-19, but there are other news items worth noting, too. We’ll take a look below at the current stories affecting expats across the globe.   Stop over options increase from the UAE Since the UAE is on the government’s red list, anyone flying in from the Emirates will need … Read more

Expat Focus Brexit News Update July 2021

Seven months into the post-Brexit period, Ireland and fishing continue to dominate Brexit-related headlines, with a further row erupting about how much the UK owes the EU in its post-divorce settlement to honour previous spending commitments. The EU is looking at £40 billion – needless to say, the UK isn’t. Downing Street has rejected the … Read more

Expat Focus International News Update June 2021

New survey ranks top expat destinations A recent survey by global network InterNations has revealed the top destinations for expats in 2020-21. Asian and South American countries come top of the list, with Taiwan leading the way (for the third year in a row), followed by Mexico, Costa Rica, Malaysia and Portugal. New Zealand, Australia, … Read more

How To Live A Sustainable Life As An Expat

The Covid-19 pandemic has made a number of people think more closely about the lifestyle – healthy or not – that they have been living in recent years. With the rise of issues surrounding the environment, we’re going to take a look at sustainable living for expats: how to live your best sustainable life when … Read more

The Best Destinations In The World For Sustainable Expat Living

If you are moving abroad and want to maintain a sustainable lifestyle as an expat, it is worth looking at a range of potential locations. How do you assess sustainability, and what are your best choices? We will take a look at some factors relating to sustainable living: air quality, transport, availability of green products, … Read more

Expat Focus Brexit News Update June 2021

Now, in June, we are six months down the line from the end of the transition period, and as we have noted before, the longer-term ramifications of Brexit are taking time to emerge. Some progress has been made. For instance, a fishing deal has been ironed out in the last few weeks, with commentators remarking … Read more

Expat Focus International News Update May 2021

Expats reluctant to rely on UAE financial advisers Insight Discovery, the Dubai-based consultants, say that their third annual reputation study shows that independent financial advisers in the region are one of the ‘least trusted’ professions. Over a thousand respondents said that advisers in the financial sector had the ‘fifth worst’ reputation among local professionals. This … Read more

Expat Focus Brexit News Update May 2021

Brexit, for a change, has not been dominating the headlines in the UK over the past month, although that’s not to say that people haven’t still been feeling its consequences. For example, fishermen in Cornwall say that they feel ‘betrayed’ and that the Withdrawal Agreement did not deliver as promised. What are the latest developments, … Read more

Expat Focus International News Update April 2021

The international news for expats in April has still been focused on the two big stories: the repercussions of Brexit and Covid-19. However, plenty of other things have been happening internationally, too. In this round-up, we take a look at the main news stories and how they could affect you.   Expats sitting tight in … Read more

Expat Focus Brexit News Update April 2021

Brexit has not dominated the news recently (that dubious honour continues to be held by Covid-19), but the end of the transition period continues to have an impact, particularly on Northern Ireland, on exports and imports, and on the lives of British citizens resident in the EU. We’ll be taking a look at those repercussions … Read more