How To Find A Job During The Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has made itself felt across the globe. As well as impacting healthcare, it has had serious implications for the economy, and many sectors are still struggling to stay afloat. Some companies have been unable to operate, due to strict social distancing measures, while others have seen a significant decrease in their numbers … Read more

Combating Loneliness Abroad: How To Discover Your Expat Family

Many expats struggle with loneliness. In fact, according to Aetna’s Expat Experiences Survey 2020, a third of respondents (33.1%) claimed that ‘missing home, family and friends’ was their biggest challenge. One way to safeguard against this is to become part of an expat community. We recently interviewed several expats who emphasised the importance of this, … Read more

Locked Down This Christmas? Go Online!

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly changed many aspects of our daily lives. Around the world, people have been subjected to varying degrees of lockdown – from venue closures and restaurant curfews to strict ‘stay at home’ policies. As the end of the year draws steadily closer, many people are turning their minds towards Christmas. But … Read more

Expat Focus International News Update October 2020

The international news continues to be dominated by Covid and, increasingly, by Brexit, as the end of the transition period grows ever closer. Major concerns relating to both issues preoccupy British expats abroad, but you should note that there are some lesser factors that you might also need to take into consideration. The Dutch customs … Read more

Expat Focus Brexit News Update October 2020

October has been crunch month for Brexit, as the deadline for a deal grows ever closer. Despite assurances from Downing Street that Brexit would happen, it now appears that the ‘oven ready’ deal is about to pass its sell-by date, and it’s too late to put it back in the freezer. The government has said … Read more

What Impact Has Covid-19 Had On Moving Abroad? 

The spring and early summer of 2020 have been a time of limbo for many people, during which the social and working world has literally ground to a halt. With the imposed lockdowns in a number of nations, even travel within local neighbourhoods has proved impossible for many. So, what impact has Covid-19 had on … Read more

Expat Focus International News Update September 2020

We have previously reported on the increasing tendency of countries to localise their workforces. In Oman, the number of expats has reached its lowest level since 2015. Those leaving have mainly been nationals from various Asian countries. The number of expats in Kuwait has also fallen, with over 1000 public sector job contracts with foreign … Read more

Communication Technologies And How To Use Them

If you are an expat living abroad, then keeping in touch with your loved ones back home is likely to be high on your list of priorities. 21st century technology has made this both easier and, paradoxically, more difficult. Expats in places like the former Soviet Union in the 1990s will recall having to visit … Read more

Expat Focus Brexit News Update September 2020

The Brexit plot has definitely thickened over the last month, with the Daily Express claiming, in late September, that war has erupted between the UK and the EU. The UK’s negotiating team says that the EU has “politicised” the negotiations and “overreached” itself in the banning of food exports to Europe. In addition, there have … Read more

How To Live As A Digital Nomad In A Post-Lockdown World

Those of us who have already been working remotely for the past several years have recently started to notice a shift. Various spanners have been thrown in the works for digital nomads of late, from ever-changing visa and tax laws to the political instability of events such as Brexit, which threatened the way of life … Read more