Expat Focus International News Update May 2021

Expats reluctant to rely on UAE financial advisers Insight Discovery, the Dubai-based consultants, say that their third annual reputation study shows that independent financial advisers in the region are one of the ‘least trusted’ professions. Over a thousand respondents said that advisers in the financial sector had the ‘fifth worst’ reputation among local professionals. This … Read more

Expat Focus Brexit News Update May 2021

Brexit, for a change, has not been dominating the headlines in the UK over the past month, although that’s not to say that people haven’t still been feeling its consequences. For example, fishermen in Cornwall say that they feel ‘betrayed’ and that the Withdrawal Agreement did not deliver as promised. What are the latest developments, … Read more

Expat Focus International News Update April 2021

The international news for expats in April has still been focused on the two big stories: the repercussions of Brexit and Covid-19. However, plenty of other things have been happening internationally, too. In this round-up, we take a look at the main news stories and how they could affect you.   Expats sitting tight in … Read more

Expat Focus Brexit News Update April 2021

Brexit has not dominated the news recently (that dubious honour continues to be held by Covid-19), but the end of the transition period continues to have an impact, particularly on Northern Ireland, on exports and imports, and on the lives of British citizens resident in the EU. We’ll be taking a look at those repercussions … Read more

Expat Focus International News Update March 2021

Expat exodus continues from the UAE A recent survey suggested that 80% of expats leaving the UAE are buying a one-way ticket. The survey covered over 5,000 people (42% of whom were Indian). Cleartrip report that: “People are not certain that they will come back in time. People are going to emergencies but they are … Read more

Expat Focus Brexit News Update March 2021

We have now been out of the EU for over two months, and the various ramifications of the withdrawal have started to become more evident. There have been some issues – perhaps rather more than ‘teething problems’, as the UK government described them – but they do not appear to have been as dire as … Read more

Expat Focus International News Update February 2021

UAE offers expats citizenship for the first time Despite the localisation trend in employment sectors in the UAE, for the first time, the region is planning to offer citizenship to expats. High-level white-collar professionals, such as doctors, will largely benefit, plus individuals with special talents, such as artists. There is no application procedure as such. … Read more

Expat Focus Brexit News Update February 2021

Six weeks after the end of the transition period, some of the effects of Brexit are beginning to become clear. Fishing remains in the spotlight, with older and smaller fishery operations complaining that they did not get the deal they were promised and that many will be forced to close. The music industry also has … Read more

Moving Abroad With Hearing Loss

Moving abroad can be a daunting task even if you are in good health, but it can be doubly difficult if you have a disability, such as a visual or hearing impairment. The latter can create a number of obstacles. For instance, you may struggle to make yourself understood by, or to understand, officials in … Read more

Expat Focus International News Update January 2021

UAE: Emiratisation gains momentum We have reported before on the UAE’s issues with the amount of expat influence in the Emirates, and momentum against foreign control seems to be growing in the region. Mohammed Rashid Al Shaali, from the Federal National Council, stated this week that the level of expat investment is affecting the recent … Read more