Expat Focus Brexit News Update January 2021

Christmas Eve 2020 brought an unlikely present from Santa, briefly taking the form of Boris Johnson: an actual Brexit deal. Although some issues remained unresolved – for example, the rules around fishing could have been better ironed out – the deal was able to go through and, in due course, be ratified by Parliament. It … Read more

Expat Focus International News Update December 2020

The most expensive cities for expats Paris and Zurich have joined Hong Kong to become the most expensive places for expats to live, according to a recent report from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). They say that the Worldwide Cost of Living Index has seen these European contenders nudge Singapore and Osaka from their previous … Read more

Post-Brexit Citizenship Restrictions For Disabled Expats

Disabled British citizens have raised concerns that Brexit may prevent them from moving to the EU. As the probability of a no-deal Brexit increases, so too does the likelihood that British citizens will be regarded as third-party nationals. They will therefore no longer be guaranteed the same freedom of movement as they have previously enjoyed. … Read more

Expat Focus Brexit News Update December 2020

Brexit has brought new meaning to the term ‘brinksmanship’ this month, with Boris Johnson flying out to Brussels for what has been described as a ‘turbot-charged’ summit dinner with Ursula von der Leyen (rather pointedly, the menu heavily featured fish). According to Downing Street in mid-December, “very large gaps remain between the two sides, and … Read more

Moving Your Belongings Abroad During Covid-19

There are several ways to move your belongings abroad, but most people do so either via sea freight or air freight. The former is perhaps the most common method, as well as the most cost-efficient. You can choose between two shipment options: full container load (FCL) or less than full container load (LCL). Which one … Read more

Expat Focus International News Update November 2020

Secularisation is boosted in the UAE After a two-year review of the legal system, the UAE has undertaken a number of social reforms, including the decriminalisation of alcohol consumption and suicide. It is also now legal for unmarried couples to live together in the same household. In addition, if you got married outside the UAE … Read more

Expat Focus Brexit News Update November 2020

Those following the progress of Brexit may be feeling as though they are trapped in a kind of Groundhog Day. Fishing rights have continued to be a big sticking point, with some sources suggesting that there remains a “very wide gap” between the UK and the EU on this issue. Frontline nations, such as France, … Read more

What Do UK Bank Account Closures Mean For Expats In The EU?

Bank account closures have been in the news recently, with a number of major UK banks announcing that they intend to close customer accounts for British citizens living in the EU. British expats may also lose access to wealth management services. This is in direct response to Brexit. Accounts are being closed because it is … Read more

How To Find A Job During The Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has made itself felt across the globe. As well as impacting healthcare, it has had serious implications for the economy, and many sectors are still struggling to stay afloat. Some companies have been unable to operate, due to strict social distancing measures, while others have seen a significant decrease in their numbers … Read more

Combating Loneliness Abroad: How To Discover Your Expat Family

Many expats struggle with loneliness. In fact, according to Aetna’s Expat Experiences Survey 2020, a third of respondents (33.1%) claimed that ‘missing home, family and friends’ was their biggest challenge. One way to safeguard against this is to become part of an expat community. We recently interviewed several expats who emphasised the importance of this, … Read more