The Political Plight Of The American Expatriate

by Rick Levy Another U.S. presidential election year is upon us, the second such event that has taken place since my wife Lydia and I relocated from America to the Philippines seven years ago. As I was completing my absentee ballot for the primary election in California where I’m a registered voter, I reflected on … Read more

6 Tips For Moving Abroad With Your Kids

Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do, if you add children into the mix and you’re moving to a new country it’s going to be very overwhelming. Of course it’s not impossible and with a little organisation and forward planning you’ll make the whole process a little bit easier but no … Read more

10 Things to Remember When Moving Abroad

Courtesy of Bishop’s Move If you are planning to move abroad this year, there are many things to remember before embarking on your adventure. Apart from choosing the right international removal company, much preparation and organization is required before you leave. Use this checklist of things you need to remember when moving abroad to make … Read more

Tai Aguirre, Producer and Host of The Expat Radio Show

Tai, can you tell us a bit about your background before producing and hosting The Expat Radio Show? My road to ultimately creating the Expat Show was a series of wild events one can only describe as unpredictable, long, winding and nightmarish! Hope you will bear with me. To start, I come from an entrepreneurial … Read more

Julien Faliu, Founder & CEO Expat Blog

Julian, can you tell us a bit about your background before founding Before founding Expat blog six years ago, I worked as a web developer and marketer in the UK then in Spain for a few years. I went to London right after my studies where I got my first job. I must say … Read more

Narin Ganesh, Regional Finance Director at Crown Relocations

Narin Ganesh is the Regional Finance Director responsible for international relocation operations in the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia and recently featured in the Channel 4 program 'Undercover Boss'. Narin, can you tell us a bit about your background before you joined Crown Relocations? Before I joined Crown Relocations I was Finance Director at Neal’s Yard … Read more

Sylke Riester, Managing Director for Europe, Rosetta Stone

Sylke Riester is Managing Director for Europe at leading language-learning software company Rosetta Stone. Sylke, can you tell us a bit about your background before joining Rosetta Stone? Before joining Rosetta Stone in 2009 I worked in telecommunications – so you could say I am very enthusiastic about getting people talking. I worked for a … Read more

Robin Pascoe, Expat Expert

Robin, can you tell us a bit about your background? My husband used to be as Canadian foreign service officer (he’s been in the private sector now for many years with his own global company) but during his time as a diplomat we were posted four times to Asia. As a journalist of more than … Read more